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'Bachelor In Paradise's' Jordan Kimball Finds Love Again After Jenna Cooper Drama — Meet Christina

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Who Is Jordan Kimball's Girlfriend? New Details On His New Girlfriend And The Jenna Cooper Drama

Jordan Kimball has tried three times to find the love of his life in the Bachelor Nation. He came close when he got engaged to Jenna Cooper at the end of season five of "Bachelor in Paradise." But that ended almost as soon as the cameras were switched off. TV Insider writes that text messages emerged that suggested Jenna was just using the male model to advance her own career and she was really in love with another man.

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After ditching Cooper and making one last ill-fated appearance on "Bachelor in Paradise," Kimball has apparently found love without the help of reality show producers. He started posting photos of his new girlfriend on his social media last month.

Who is Jordan Kimball’s new girlfriend?

1. Jordan went from "The Bachelorette" to "Bachelor in Paradise"

Jordan first tried to find love on the 14th season of "The Bachelorette." That was Becca Kufrin’s season and so he had to try and make an impression on a woman who had been dumped by the former "Bachelor" star Arie for runner up Lauren. Jordan was sent home after five weeks but came back for "Bachelor in Paradise" in 2018. Things went swimmingly in "BiP" as he met and wooed Jenna Cooper, who had been on Arie’s season of "The Bachelor." The two of them were the winners of the "BiP" season and left the show engaged.

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2. Was Jenna in it for the wrong reasons?

Not long after the "BiP" season wrapped, the blogger Reality Steve posted a series of texts allegedly between Jenna and a man claiming to be her real boyfriend. The texts explained that she was only doing the show for the money and she planned to break up with Jordan as soon as she could.

Jenna, outraged, denied everything but Jordan dumped her anyway, saying his trust was irreparably broken, TV Insider reported Jenna continued to try and defend herself saying that the texts were fakes, that maybe Jordan was behind it to make her look bad, and she had forensic evidence that could prove the texts didn’t come from her phone. In 2019, she said she was going to write a tell-all book about everything. Jordan said he wasn’t even going to read the book. “I’m not entertaining anything she says,” Jordan said in an interview with Life & Style. “It’s almost been a year and she is still at it. What a nightmare.”

3. Jordan took one last chance to find love in Paradise but it didn’t go well 

Jordan went back on "Bachelor in Paradise" after breaking up with Jenna but he only lasted two weeks before being disqualified for fighting with Christian Estrada. The two came to blows after Kimball took down the "love pinata" Estrada had hung up for Nicole Lopez-Alvar. Kimball was tight with Clayton Harbour, who was developing a relationship with Lopez-Alvar. Kimball and Estrada were booted off the show after the fight.

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4. Now there’s someone new in Jordan’s life

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Jordan posted a series of photos of himself and a very pretty blonde on his Instagram account. “I’m thankful for you. I can’t wait to celebrate us in Banff! Get ready to be snowed in babe! Cheers everybody, I’m extremely grateful to share my happiness with y’all!” He wrote with the photos.

In a later series of pics, he tagged his new girlfriend and we know her name is Christina. She keeps her own Instagram account private, however, so that’s about all we know so far.

5. Fans are throwing shade in the comments

Jordan followed up the Thanksgiving post with another happy couple pic this week and confirmed that they are together in Banff, just as he said they would be. One of Jordan’s fans dropped into the comment section to toss some shade at Jenna. "Boy ol Jenna cooper missed out on all that Jordan seems happier healthier and more successful than ever,” the commenter said. Jordan has been pretty adamant about not talking about Jenna since their split but he took the compliment and didn’t diss the shade, saying “amen to that brother, just made my day.”


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6. Where is Jenna now?

Although Jenna said over the summer that she planned to write a tell-all book, telling Us Weekly “I am no longer under contract, and I am ready to share the details. I know America has heard some of the obnoxious lies about me from Bachelor Nation’s most thirsty contestants and gossip blogs. But now it’s my turn. I have gone to great lengths to prove that all of these accusations were false.”

However, the book hasn’t been published yet. For the moment, the blonde social media manager seems to be doing a lot of partnerships with brands on her Instagram page. Lately, she’s been posting photos of herself at a Turks and Caicos resort. It’s not totally clear is the resort is sponsoring the posts but hey, good for her if they are. Getting paid to travel is nice work if you can get it.

As for her love life, there’s not a trace of a man in any of her recent pictures.


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