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Get To Know Rah Digga, Longtime Rapper Who Defended T.I.'s Comments About His Daughter's Hymen

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Who Is Rah Digga? New Details On Rapper Defending T.I. Who Also Admits To Checking Her Daughter's Virginity

Who is Rah Digga? That's been the question on everybody's mind since she came out with some controversial statements defending rapper Clifford "T.I." Harris's remarks about "checking his daughter's virginity." Not only did Rah Digga defend T.I.'s controversial statements, but she admitted that she, too, checks her daughter's virginity! So what do we know about her? 

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Born Rashia Tashan Fisher in New Jersey, the rapper who would become known as Rah Digga actually was on a path to become an electrical engineer. But after joining the rap group Twice The Flavor, she segued into joining the Outsidaz and subsequently got featured on a track on The Score, the album that would catapult The Fugees (and, by extension, Lauryn Hill) into the mainstream. After that little brush with fame, she encountered legendary rapper Q-Tip, who subsequently introduced her to Busta Rhymes. Busta added her to his Flipmode Squad, and the rest, as they say, is hip hop history. 

But now she's come under fire for her controversial comments defending — and ultimately one-upping — her rap colleague. Let's look at what else we know about her. 

1. She made headlines for a series of tweets defending T.I.

Recall that, a few weeks ago, T.I. made headlines for speaking about "checking his daughter's virginity." (He later admitted that he was "embellishing" the truth.) Rah Digga apparently didn't get the later memo, because she wrote a series of tweets not only defending T.I., but admitting she does the same to her daughter. 

Check them out below. 

2. Rah Digga defended her actions. 

Naturally, the minute she wrote these tweets, she sparked a hailstorm of outrage. But, in one particular notable tweet, Rah Digga defended her actions. She said that most girls are being "prodded" by the age of 13 by their doctors, who are looking for signs of HPV and other diseases. She also challenged one person's notion that she was "making things up for clout" by saying she was many things "but I ain't never lied." 

Alright then. 

3. Virginity testing has no scientific merit. 

The practice of "virginity testing" — specifically by checking for an intact hymen, which is what Rah Digga and T.I. both claim to do — is considered controversial, scientifically inaccurate, and abusive. In fact, the practice is considered so barbaric that in 2018, the World Health Organization issued an interagency statement calling for the elimination of the practice. "The practice is a violation of the victim’s human rights and is associated with both immediate and long-term consequences that are detrimental to her physical, psychological and social well-being. The harmful practice of virginity testing is a social, cultural and political issue, and its elimination will require a comprehensive societal response supported by the public health community and health professionals," they wrote, as part of their study.

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4. There are many things that can rupture a hymen that doesn't involve sexual activity. 

A hymen can't just be broken through sexual activity. In fact, healthcare professionals suggest that things such as tampon insertion, horseback riding, and even masturbation are just a few of the many things that can rupture a hymen without sexual intercourse. That's all the more reason why Rah Digga's actions are a little...strange, to say the least. 

5. Rah Digga is known for making controversial statements. 

The fact that Rah Digga has made these bold proclamations should come as no surprise to anyone in the hip hop community. Though it's been a while since she released any new music, she does co-host the Yanadameen Godcast with Lord Jamar and Godfrey, and they all admit that it's a show where "political correctness goes out the window" and "saying what people are really thinking" is the first order of business.

6. Rah Digga went on to snark on her own statements. 

"My baby said now that her and her hymen are grown af and out the house can I hook her up w Dave East," she said, as a follow-up, which she followed up with a series of LOL emojis.  Well. Alright then.

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