Jamaican Reggae Princess Tessanne Chin Married Her Baby Daddy — Get To Know Brandon

Congratulations are in order to the happy couple!

Who Is Tessanne Chin's Baby Daddy Brandon? New Details On The Father Of The Jamaican Reggae Songstress's Child Instagram

Tessanne Chin first came to our attention in the United States, when she won Season 5 of NBC's hit show The Voice, but she's been known in Jamaica for far longer than that. Now, however, she's made the news for a whole new reason: because she just got married to her child's father. Who is Brandon, Tessanne Chin's baby daddy?

Despite the fact that she seems to have had a charmed life, Tessanne Chin's journey to fame has been a rocky one. After her Voice victory, she divorced her longtime husband, and seemed to flounder a little bit in her personal life. That said, though, she is someone whose career is second-to-none, having come from a musical family with a lot of connections in Jamaica — and with a background in a notable rock band that catapulted her to fame in the first place, without the need for reality show nonsense. 


Let's look at what we know about Tessanne Chin and her baby daddy. 

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1. She comes from a musical family. 

Tessanne Chin is no stranger to the musical world. Her sister, Tammy Chynn, is a well-known dancehall artist, and Vibe Magazine called her "the princess of the eclectic dancehall." Their parents, too, were in a band called The Carnations, which was well-known throughout Jamaica back in the 1950s and 1960s, and was considered a precursor to modern-day dancehall music.


2. Tessanne Chin's first husband was also in the entertainment industry. 

The Gleaner reports that Tessanne Chin's first husband, Michael Anthony Cuffe Jr., was a broadcaster in the couple's native Jamaica. He moved out of the marital home shortly after Chin won the fifth season of The Voice, though the couple never discussed why they were having problems with the press. 

3. She first revealed her baby daddy's identity when she was pregnant. 

Buzz Magazine reported that shortly after Tessanne Chin announced that she was pregnant with her baby, she revealed the identity of her baby daddy. However, she only identified him as "Brandon," and not much else is known about him outside of his first name. 

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4. Tessanne Chin thanked her fans for the well wishes on her pregnancy in an Instagram post. 

Check it out below. 



A post shared by Tessanne Chin (@thebestess) on Sep 13, 2019 at 6:20am PDT

5. Tessanne and Brandon just got married. 

Loop Jamaica reports that the couple got married in Jamaica, on the beach, and concealing her baby bump from the attendees. The wedding reception was small, but the outpouring of love was evident. 

6. They posted an official wedding photo on Instagram!

Check it out below and congratulations to the happy couple!


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