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Elvis Duran & The Morning Show's Straight Nate Marino Suffered His 2nd Stroke — What We Know

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Who Is Straight Nate? Elvis Duran & The Morning Show Producer Suffers 2nd Stroke At 39

Who is Straight Nate? More importantly, how is he feeling?

That's been the question on everyone's mind since it was revealed that Nate Marino, the popular executive producer of "Elvis Duran & The Morning Show" had suffered his second stroke in less than two years.

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Straight Nate, 39, has been a part of the "Elvis Duran & The Morning Show" family since 2013, when he joined the New York-based team after successfully serving as the executive producer of the "Valentine In The Morning" radio show on Los Angeles' MYfm/KBIG.

Prior to that, he had roles serving with Ryan Seacrest, both for his KIIS-FM show "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" and with his nationally syndicated show "American Top 40 With Ryan Seacrest."

But with this latest news of yet another stroke, fans are wondering about Straight Nate's health. Is Straight Nate okay?

Let's look at what we know.

1. Elvis Duran announced Straight Nate suffered a stroke on the November 19.

On Tuesday, November 19, Elvis Duran told his listeners that he'd received a text from Heather, Straight Nate's girlfriend, saying that he'd suffered another stroke.

Duran went on to say that though he had a chance to speak to Nate, stating simply, "he's not doing well."

2. This is the second stroke that Straight Nate has suffered.

During that same show, Elvis Duran revealed that Straight Nate had suffered a stroke last year around the same time.

He also made sure that his listeners knew that Straight Nate's girlfriend, Heather, was taking care of him and helping him get better.

3. Straight Nate said that his strokes are a side effect of a heart surgery he had years prior.

Back in January 2019, Straight Nate said that thanks to a heart surgery he'd undergone when he was younger, he was having strokes today.

"Back in October, I had a stroke and left me no ill or lingering effects from it. I’m finding out why I had a stroke, they determined that my heart, which I had heart surgery when I was younger, hasn’t healed properly. It has developed other issues,” he said.

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4. Strokes are a common post-heart surgery complication.

In some types of heart surgery, strokes are a common post-surgical complication. The most common coronary procedure is known as the CABG, or Coronary Artery Bypass Graft.

And according to some doctors, stroke is the most common post-heart surgery complication and can occur in up to 5% of patients who undergo a CABG.

It's unclear if Straight Nate got a CABG, or another type of heart surgery, however, when he was younger.

5. Strokes are also frighteningly common among young men.

People, perhaps, tend to think of strokes as an "old person's affliction." However, of the 800,000 strokes suffered by Americans in a year, about 10% of those — 80,000 or so — are suffered by patients who are 45 years old or younger.

What's more, because younger adults, like Straight Nate, don't have their stroke symptoms recognized as easily by doctors, it can take longer to diagnose the stroke as such. Because of that delay, strokes can actually cause more damage in young adults than in older adults.

This year alone, 51-year-old director John Singleton and 52-year-old Luke Perry both died after having a stroke.

6. Straight Nate is "doing good," according to Elvis Duran.

On November 20, 2019, Elvis Duran gave an update on Straight Nate on the Elvis Duran & The Morning Show program.

"He’s been feeling good and being great and smiling and happy. They believe he’s had another event. But the difference is this time he’s communicating with us. They’re working through it smartly. He’s with the best doctors. He’s good. They’re keeping an eye on him," he said.

We sincerely hope that Straight Nate gets well soon!

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