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Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme And The Distillers' Brody Dalle Separating After 14 Years

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Who Is Josh Homme’s Wife? New Details On Brody Dalle And Their Separation

After 14 years of marriage, Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme and The Distillers’ Brody Dalle are calling it quits.

Dalle filed for a legal separation on Friday, November 15.

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Who is Josh Homme’s wife?

Homme said he and Dalle clicked the moment they met. She had a boyfriend at the time, but Homme's crush was sealed and solid.

They have three children together including 13-year-old daughter, Camille, 8-year-old son, Orrin, and 3-year-old son, Wolf.

Sources haven't revealed the exact reason for the legal separation, but here is everything that we know so far.

1. They first met at a concert

Homme first met Dalle backstage at Lollapalooza in 1996. She had just moved to the U.S. from Australia. Homme was there to perform with Seattle punk band The Screaming Trees.

“She came up to me backstage and asked if I was in Kyuss. We talked for an hour and a half and I never forgot her,” he said.

Dalle was there to see her then-boyfriend Tim Armstrong's band, Rancid. He didn't like Armstrong so he lied and said he had kissed Dalle backstage in the hopes that he'd hear about it.

2. Brody Dalle was previously married to Tim Armstrong

Before she married Josh Homme, Dalle was married to Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong for six years. She first met him when she was 16 and he was 30. The two married when she was 18.

After their 2003 divorce, Dalle said that it took her three years to leave him and that he'd been very controlling of her and her music career. When she did leave Armstrong, he and his friends criticized her in the press.

She also claims that his friend threatened the members of the Distillers. For what it's worth, Armstrong denies these claims.

3. Homme and Dalle met again in 2003

Homme and Dalle wouldn’t see each other again until almost seven years later.

Homme's band, Queens of the Stone Age and Dalle's band The Distillers were both playing Big Day Out in Australia in 2003. Homme was keeping an eye out for her. When they did meet up again, they clicked instantly and it was on.

In a 2007 interview, Homme said: "We had to be very secretive because she was just starting a divorce process. I went back to do those Desert Sessions, and you can tell what I was going through ... was so in love, I was totally reveling in it so much." Homme also claims that he received a number of death threats from Tim Armstrong and Rancid fans.

Homme and Dalle married in December 2005.

4. Dalle’s Father's Day tribute

Dalle shared a sweet sentimental post for Homme in honor of Father’s Day on her Instagram, showing how much she appreciated him as a dad.

She wrote, “A good Dad is everything. Best Dad Ever. Happy Father’s day all you great Dads out there, remember how critically important you are to your children.”

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5. Homme once said Dalle was his dream girl

In a 2018 interview, Homme explained that he fell for Brody hard and unlike any way he ever had before for a person.

“She is my punk-rock dream girl. I always thought if I could go out with a chick with a mohawk who also read philosophy, I’d be winning. Brody is the real deal. She does everything the boys can do and a whole slew of things no boy ever could. I never thought I would get married, but I found someone I couldn’t live without.”

6. She struggled with a meth addiction

Dalle battled a heavy crystal meth addiction and explained that she really turned her life around after she got pregnant with her daughter Camille.

"I couldn't find a way out," she said, "[Meth] was literally killing me.”

Dalle explained that her daughter changed her life and how she felt the need to get her priorities back in order. She was living with her mother-in-law while Homme was on tour and she'd been clean for two months. When she found out she was pregnant that gave her the strength to save herself.

"I quit everything: booze, coffee, cigarettes."

7. Homme showed his support for his wife at her concert last year

Last year, an Instagram user caught Homme showing major support for his wife when she played a Distillers gig at the Hollywood Palladium for a reunion tour.

Homme can be seen moshing in a mosh pit in a huge group and looked like he had a blast.

Whatever the reason for their split, our thoughts are with them and their kids as they navigate their new life.

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