Former Disney Star And Zendaya Co-Star Chris Tavarez Arrested On Charges Of Domestic Violence

He starred alongside Zendaya.

Who Is Chris Tavarez? Former Disney Star And Zendaya Co-Star Arrested On Charges Of Domestic Violence getty

Disney has effectively launched the careers of numerous actors, actresses, and musicians. Zac Efron, Raven Symoné, Bella Thorne, Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff, Demi Lovato, and Cole Sprouse all got their start on the Disney Channel, starring in kids shows and eventually moving on to bigger and better things. 

Efron is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, Demi Lovato has skyrocketed her music career, and Cole Sprouse has a prime role in Riverdale.


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But sometimes, our favorite child stars get themselves into legal trouble. Actor Shia LaBeouf, who started his career on Even Stevens, was arrested in 2017 for disorderly conduct. Lindsay Lohan spiraled and went through a slew of arrests and DUIs. And now, another former Disney star is in trouble with the law, but for something much more disturbing.

Who is Chris Tavarez? 

He initially got his start on the reality show Endurance, which aired on Discovery Kids. Tavarez continued working in commercials, and had roles in Big Momma’s House 2, Meet the Browns, secured his breakout role in the Disney Channel original movie, Avalon High, and starred alongside Zendaya in the show K.C. Undercover.


He also served as the captain of his football team in high school, and went on to play for Duke University. While on the Duke football team in 2012 he played as reserve safety, physical defensive back, and had five tackles.

And now, he’s being charged with felony domestic assault. On November 11, police arrested Tavarez two days after a physical altercation he had with his girlfriend. According to TMZ, Tavarez pushed her, she hit her head, and though she initially refused medical treatment, she was diagnosed with a concussion. 



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Tavarez fled the scene and was arrested by the LAPD, and eventually released on $100,000 bail. He’s being charged with “corporal injury to a spouse or cohabitant with a prior.”


Since the arrest, Tavarez has deleted his Instagram account and made his Twitter private, in an effort to minimize backlash from the internet. Neither he nor his reps have responded to requests for comment, and it appears he’s staying silent on the allegations against him.

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