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Former 'General Hospital' Star Tyler Christopher Arrested For Public Intoxication

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Who Is Tyler Christopher? New Details On Former Soap Star Arrested For Public IntoxicationWho Is Tyler Christopher? New Details On Former Soap Star Arrested For Public Intoxication

It looks like someone celebrated their birthday pretty hard! Former General Hospital and Days of Our Lives star Tyler Christopher was out celebrating his 47th birthday on Monday, November 11 when he was arrested for public intoxication.  And this wasn't the first time — it wasn't even the first time this week he was picked up for being drunk in public. On November 8, Christopher was also arrested for public intoxication at a Walgreens in Martinsville, Indiana when he tried to get in someone's car. Christoper was taking to the ER and given a breathalyzer test. He registered a BAC of .267%. That's three times the legal driving limit. A warrant was issued for his arrest. He checked himself out of medical treatment on November 11 against the advice of doctors and got picked up later that day for being drunk again. It appears as though he's been on a bit of a bender. The actor is being held on $225 cash and $1,000 bond. Who is Tyler Christopher?

1. The 11/11 birthday incident

TMZ reported the police were contacted on November 11 by an Uber driver who was driving Tyler Christopher home. He passed out in the backseat of the Uber and urinated himself. According to reports, he allegedly had 2 fifths of bourbon in his possession. One of those bottles was half gone. Apparently police have gotten nine calls about Christopher being drunk in the past month. 

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2. The 11/8 Walgreens incident

Three days earlier, Christopher was arrested for public intoxication at Walgreens when he tried to get inside a stranger's car. Police reported that the bridge of his nose was bleeding, he appeared to have hit his head and he had also urinated himself. This is when he was taken to the ER as mentioned earlier. 


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3. He's Eva Longoria's ex-husband

Tyler Christopher was married to Eva Longoria from 2002 to 2004. He was also previously engaged to his General Hospital co-star Vanessa Marcil. He married auto racing reporter Brienne Pedigo in September 2008. The couple lives in Indiana and has two children. 

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4. His General Hospital days

Tyler Christopher played Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital on and off for two decades from 1996 to 2016. Christopher originated the role in 1996. He was nominated for an Emmy for his role in 1998. In 1999, actor Colton Scott took over the role for four years. Christopher went back to Port Charles in 2003 and stayed until his character faked his own death in 2016. He took home the Emmy for his role that year. Recently, fans have been wondering if Nikolas would be back since Christopher no longer works on Days of Our Lives. About that. he said in response to a fan's tweet: "You all are very sweet to be so loyal as you always are. I know they are talking about Nikolas as of late. I've always said I would never close that door from my side. I just want to thank you all for always rooting for me and the character. I grew up with him as many of you have."


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5. His Days of Our Lives days

Tyler Christopher played Stefan DiMera on Days of Our Lives from December 2017 to March 2019. Why did he leave? In an interview with Soaps in Depth, he explained that he and his wife and kids had moved from Los Angeles to Indiana for financial reasons — Indiana has a much lower cost of living. He commuted to California on the days he was scheduled to tape Days. The commute became too much and he didn't like missing so much of his kids' events.

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6. He's battled alcoholism for a long time

In that same "exit interview" with Soaps in Depth, Christopher admitted he'd struggled with alcohol since he was a teenager. Addressing this problem is another reason he left Days of Our Lives. He said:“Alcohol addiction is something I’ve battled since I was a teenager. I’ve had some amazing success with it and some really awful failures."

We hope Tyler Christopher gets the help he needs and seems to truly want. 

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