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Josh 'Fat Jew' Ostrovsky Marries Influencer Caitlyn King — Everything We Know About Her And The Wedding

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Who Is Josh 'Fat Jew' Ostrovsky's Wife? New Details On Influencer Caitlyn King And Their Relationship/

One of the biggest names in viral internet content has tied the knot. Josh Ostrovsky, better known as the Fat Jew, got married to fellow influencer Caitlin King recently. 

The couple has been together for several years and they got engaged back in October. They didn't waste any time in getting married, and they had an extremely private ceremony in Arizona this week. They got married on what Caitlyn said was sacred land to Native American tribes and they had to fly into the spot by helicopter. They have only shared a few photos of the special day so far but they look truly blissful to be saying "I do" to each other. 

Who is "Fat Jew's" wife? Read on for all the details. 

1. Who is The Fat Jew?

Josh Ostrovsky started using the name the Fat Jew when he was in college and he has used it as a stage name while performing with a rap trio called Team Facelift starting in 2004. The name must have already been taken on Instagram in 2011, however, because he started his account there as The Fat Jewish and began posting humorous images, videos, and quotes. He also has a YouTube channel of the same name. He went viral in 2013 with a video parodying SoulCycle classes by having homeless people ride on docked CitiBikes outdoors.

Since that first blast of attention, he has leveraged his career into music, acting, fashion, modeling, and even a book. However, in 2015, he was called out for stealing jokes from other social media accounts and posting them to his IG page without giving credit. He eventually apologized and stopped the practice. 

His most recent venture is Swish beverages, which makes trendy wines such as White Girl Rosé. Anheuser-Bush recently bought the brand.

In 2010, he married longtime girlfriend Katie Sturino but they divorced in 2017. 

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2. Who is Caitlin King?

Caitlin is an Instagram personality known for her reviews of novelty chip flavors. Ostrovsky has been appearing in her Instagram photos since about 2016 but it's not clear when exactly they became a couple. 

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3. An epic proposal

Caitlin and Josh got engaged just a month ago. Where some people choose to make their proposal sweet and romantic, no one could really expect the Fat Jew to take that path for asking his boo to marry him. Instead, he came up with a scheme to completely freak Caitlyn out.

She described the proposal on Instagram alongside a photo of the gorgeous ring he gave her. "'Omg how did he pop the question??' Well, he made me go on a high octane rollercoaster, botched the transfer onto my finger during a sharp turn so the ring went flying off the ride, I had an emotional crying/snotting meltdown and went OFF on him," she wrote. "Then he pulled out the actual ring because the first one was an exact replica he had made and revealed that the entire thing was a setup because he thinks he’s hilarious and then he asked me for real and I said yes and now I'm deeply traumatized but also incredibly happy (I think. This whole thing was a gigantic red flag.)"


A post shared by Caitlin  King (@himynameiscaitlin) on Oct 11, 2019 at 3:25pm PDT

She posted a photo of the ring.

4. Flashing her bling around

Caitlin's ring is truly snap-worthy — a giant, round-cut solitaire attacked to a double yellow gold band — and she hasn't been shy about flashing it on social media. But unlike traditional brides who might pose with their hands artfully wrapped out flowers or a champagne glass to show off their jewels, Caitlin just started sticking her hand out at random moments. She posed with her hand covering Josh's sleeping face, splayed out over a totally not Insta-worthy half-eaten salad, and one photo where she's petting a corgi. She capped off the humorous slide show with the caption "AM I ANNOYING YET?"

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5. A totally private wedding

For a man who has made a career of splashing himself all over the internet, the Fat Jew took the absolute opposite approach to this wedding. Caitlin posted photos and videos of the two of them near Tower Butte in Arizona. They helicoptered into the site, where they were married by a "Native American shaman woman" according to the influencer. They didn't seem to have any guests at the ceremony at all. 

One of the wedding photos Caitlyn posted shows the two of them standing side by side, looking delighted to be married. Never one to pass up a moment for a joke, Josh commented: "THIS PHOTO DOESN’T PROPERLY HIGHLIGHT MY BOLO TIE OR MY LIZARD SKIN COWBOY BOOTS WITH OSTRICH TRIM."


A post shared by Caitlin King (@himynameiscaitlin) on Nov 12, 2019 at 4:29pm PST

A wedding photo.

6. What next for Mr. and Mrs. Fat Jew?

The newlyweds haven't shared their plans for the future yet. But we say "Mazel Tov" to the Fat Jew and his lovely bride!

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