Former 'Flavor Of Love' Contestant Deelishis Is Engaged To Raymond Santana Of The Central Park Five

It's a television crossover unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Who Is Deelishis? New Details On Central Park Five Raymond Santana's New Fiancé Instagram

We have no idea where to even begin with this, so we'll just come out and say it: a former Flavor of Love contestant is enaged to Raymond Santana, one of the Exonerated Five/Central Park 5 featured in the Netflix documentary When They See Us.

We already know who Raymond Santana is but who is Deelishis?

There's an old saying: love is blind, but the neighbors ain't. We're sure that these two genuinely care for one another, and they probably are an unlikely couple, if nothing else, but of all the strange pairings to come out of 2019, this is probably the strangest. Some might say that this is a publicity stunt, but really, what sort of publicity can one get out of this sort of thing, outside of the curiosity factor of it all?


But let's look at what we know about Deelishis, and how this relationship with Raymond Santana came to be. 

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1. She's known by many different names. 

The woman known as Deelishis got her nickname from Flavor Flav, hypeman of Public Enemy, after she appeared on his legendary VH1 reality show, Flavor of Love. Though she sometimes goes by London Charles, her real name is Chandra Davis. 


2. Deelishis recently got plastic surgery that made her unrecognizable. 

Deelishis recently got so much plastic surgery that she's completely unrecognizable to her longtime fans. Some fans noted that she got lip fillers and injections, while others noted that she may be skin bleaching.

Still others, however, noted that her nose looks different, as well. (Deelishis left a comment on her Instagram post, which has since been deleted, about her new look confirming that she "got her face done.")

3. She says she never got intimate with Flavor Flav.

Even though she's best known for her role on Flavor Of Love, in which she presumably "won the heart" of Flavor Flav (born William Drayton), she revealed she was never "intimate" with her alleged boyfriend:

"According to Deelishis, she dated Flav for four months and they never had sex. She told a story that one night they got drunk in a club and she tried to get him in the bedroom and he politely declined. She believes he felt guilty because he had a girlfriend while filming."


4. Even though they were sworn enemies on the show, Deelishis and New York (AKA Tiffany Pollard) are friends now. 

Deelishis and New York, who were enemies on the show ("Give it up, Deelishis! You look like a man!"), have become good friends over the years. In fact, they leave each other supportive comments on Instagram from time to time.

5. She lied about being married in the past. 

In the past, Deelishis claimed to be married to people like Shannon Sharpe. However, "he didn't even know it," according to the outlet. Later, she deleted the posts and claimed it was "all in good fun," and it was just for #FantasyFriday. 

6. Deelishis and Raymond Santana made it Instagram official. 

Check it out below. Like we said, we can't make this stuff up.



A post shared by Raymond Santana (@santanaraymond) on Oct 29, 2019 at 11:25am PDT



A post shared by Raymond Santana (@santanaraymond) on Oct 28, 2019 at 9:59pm PDT

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7. And now the couple's engaged! 

Deelishis shared the news on her Instagram with a very lengthy caption and video, part of which was an ode to Santana saying, "I DO”.... I recogize you & I thank you! thank you for loving me, for loving my daughters, for taking time to see me for who I really am, not allowing others to decide for you, for praying with me & supporting me. For all the things I haven't said thank you for I want to sepend the rest of my life showin u I'm thankful. I DO!!"

Check out the engagement video below:



A post shared by DEELISHIS • WalkAwayQUEEN (@iamsodeelishis) on Dec 6, 2019 at 11:44am PST

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