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Former Video Vixen Cubana Lust Allegedly Arrested For Drugs

Photo: Instagram
Cubana Lust

For a time in the early aughts, you couldn't go anywhere in the hip hop world without seeing Cubana Lust spread out in men's magazines. As one of the first "Internet models" to become Instagram famous, Cubana Lust was born to Cuban parents and raised in Little Havana, Miami, before striking out to Los Angeles to pursue a career. It was there that she began getting featured in Show and Smooth magazines, before linking up with the late Q of WorldStarHipHop, where she became a "World Star Honey." (That title was by no means a compliment, as we will discuss shortly.) Who is Cubana Lust?

Let's look at what we know about her alleged arrest.

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1. People on Twitter shared what they thought was her mugshot. 

For what it's worth, no one has yet confirmed that the mugshot below is, indeed, of Cubana Lust. However, the mugshot belongs to a woman who has the same name as Cubana Lust (Yolanda Cuellar) and has the same neck tattoo as the former hip hop honey. Check it out below. 

2. Cubana Lust has allegedly been arrested twice for drugs.

Certified Pop reports that if Yolanda Cuellar is the Cubana Lust that was once at the top of the game in the hip hop modeling world, then she's been arrested twice for drug possession and paraphernalia in just as many years. The outlet also reports that she's fallen down, significantly, since the death of the man known only as "Q" from WorldStar Hip Hop. 

3. Q allegedly got her into porn. 

If you check out Cubana Lust's name on the official World Star Hip Hop site, videos come up that are — to say the least — not safe for work (NSFW). So it should come as no surprise that she also has explicit videos on the infamous adult site, PornHub.

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4. Q also allegedly pimped out Cubana Lust and other "WorldStar Honeys." 

In the interest of full disclosure, this writer heard rumors about Q of WorldStar Hip Hop from the early days of the Internet. This writer also knew, in the depths of her soul, that she'd be best served to stay as far away from Q as humanly possible. And if you believe Kat Stacks (remember her?), this writer's gut instinct was a good one. "The Internet's Most Hated Celebrity" told the Miami New Times that not only did Q pimp her out, but he pimped out other "Honeys" under his tutelage, including Cubana Lust. "For Herrera, that meant sleeping with low-level rappers and publicizing their phone numbers in confessional video blogs for WorldStarHipHop. In spring 2010, she blasted the entire Young Money Crew, Nelly, and Bow Wow. Most notable, she filmed a video at Atlanta's InterContinental Hotel claiming Soulja Boy had a cocaine problem," said the outlet. 

5. Q died in 2017. 

The Verge reports that Q of WorldStar Hip Hop died in 2017 of a heart attack, and they claim that Q's morbid obesity had a lot to do with the heart attack he suffered that ultimately took his life. After his death, models like Cubana Lust, who were under his tutelage, were reported as feeling aimless and lost. 

6. What if Cubana Lust did get arrested?

This is an industry that is notoriously brutal to women. If the Yolanda Cuellar in Palm Beach does turn out to be her, we sincerely hope she gets the help she needs before it's too late. 

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