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5 Creative Ways To Get Over Your Ex (So You Never Have To Think About Them Again)

how to get over an ex after breakup

Breakups happen and sometimes they happen when you least expect it. You may not know what to do with yourself because you are usually making your life around theirs. So, you probably have a lot of freedom now because you have separated.

It can be heartbreaking and it's so painful that you don't know how you are going to be able to survive without ever seeing them again.

It may even feel like you are helpless and that there is nothing you can do to come back from this, but you can. Even when overcoming a failed relationship seems like it will never happen, it will. It just takes some time.

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Breaking up can be painful and the least favorite thing that you ever want to do, but you need to when you are not benefiting from being with this person.

There is always something for you to gain when you are in a relationship. You will be loved, you will be understood, you will be uplifted, and they will make you shine, while you do the same for them.

When you stop benefiting from your relationship, or if your relationship takes a negative turn, then you need to end your relationship and then move forward.

There is something better out there for you. You may find this person where you least expect it, but they will be there. Remember, you are awesome and if you overcome your grief and loss of your relationship, then you will be able to move forward to your next love.

Everything will work out —​ here are some helpful tips to how to get over an ex so that you can move through your grieving process quicker and become a better you.

1. Cry and let it all out.

It's a really good idea to let out all of your emotions. You need to cry it out and let go of all your anxieties and you need to release your feelings about losing someone you very well could have loved. You have to let go of some of the sadness you feel at the thought of your relationship ending, it is mature, healthy, and human.

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2. Break contact.

The majority of the time, there is no reverting to being just friends after you have had an intimate relationship. There will always be some sort of awkwardness between you, and maybe even a little lust. Maintaining contact is not going to help you move on.

Remove your ex from all your social media accounts, too. If you come across a picture or update from your ex, then you may be set back emotionally. To be able to move on, you have to let your ex go completely.

You also need to remove all reminders of this person from your life and make new memories so you won't be stuck in the past.

3. Stop over-analyzing your relationship.

You may start regretting and second-guessing yourself and your choices, but that will only drive you further into depression and anxiety. There are no what-ifs. You cannot see the future and you have to make choices in the now based on what information you have at the time. Don't get stuck in what could have happened because you never really know and giving your ex the benefit of the doubt is not going to change anything now.

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4. Focus on yourself.

Stay active and reflect internally. Find out who you are now that you are not connected to your ex anymore. This is a good time to start a healthy, new diet, and work on your mental health. Go out to the gym and meet new people. You will feel better in your own body and you will gain a sense of self-confidence and self-esteem that you may have lost in your relationship.

5. When you're ready, start having fun being single.

Go out, have fun, be single. Play the field and that could be fun for you. See what's out there for you and enjoy some time just having fun with your friends. It will be worth it. After a breakup, I know it's hard to put yourself out there, but there is no need to hide away.

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