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Mehgan James — AKA The Texas Temptation — Accused Of Getting Plastic Surgery

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Did Mehgan James Get Plastic Surgery? New Details On The Rumors

It's been a while since anyone has checked in with the stars of The Bad Girls Club. But now, fans of the show are suggesting that "The Texas Temptation," Mehgan James, may have gone under the knife to change her whole look. But did Mehgan James get plastic surgery?

A native of Houston, Texas, Mehgan James was one of the "baddest" Bad Girls on Season 9 of the show. She voluntarily left the show after physically attacking Rima & Fallen, but came back to the final season of the show to participate in the photo shoot. She was also involved in the first season of the Bad Girls All Star Battle, but she was eliminated from the show after only one season. Outside of the show, however, Mehgan James tended to flounder in obscurity.

Anyway, now she's back in the spotlight because there are some rumors about her alleged plastic surgery. Let's look at what we know about Mehgan James possibly going under the knife. 

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1. She's undergone plastic surgery before. 

According to Bossip, Mehgan James has gone under the knife before. She's gotten her waist "snatched," or reduced, to have a smaller waist-to-hip ratio. 

2. A recent photo has led people to believe that Mehgan James has gotten plastic surgery on her face. 

Another report for Bossip suggested that Mehgan James went under the knife the first time last year, but definitely not for the last time. The outlet reports that a recent photo showed her with a chin that looked significantly more pointy than it had in years past, suggesting that she'd either gotten a chin implant or gotten her cheeks reduced. 

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3. She and Keke Palmer have feuded in the past. 

Hoo. Wow. The hellfire! Check out the drama below. 

4. Mehgan James reportedly dated Rob Kardashian in the past. 

According to Us Weekly, Mehgan James and Rob Kardashian were reportedly an item sometime back in 2017, before Rob went into hiding. However, according to E! News, Rob Kardashian claimed that not only was he not dating Mehgan, he'd never even "heard of her." Shortly after Rob made clear that he wasn't dating Mehgan, Mehgan backtracked and claimed that it was "the press" that misunderstood her. She claimed that they extrapolated her "dating" Rob Kardashian because she posted a pair of Arthur George socks. (I mean, okay, we guess.) 

5. But Soulja Boy has a crush on her. 

Some consolation prize, eh? Check out Soulja's shoutout to Mehgan James below. 


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6. Did Mehgan James get plastic surgery?

So far, Mehgan hasn't confirmed, or denied, getting any plastic surgery on her face. For what it's worth, though, she looks the same to us, so take that for what it's worth. 

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