Tommy Lee And Vince Neil Are Feuding — What We Know About The Motley Crue Members' Latest Fallout

Get it together, boys.

Why Are Tommy Lee And Vince Neil Feuding? New Details On The Motley Crue Members Latest Fallout Instagram

In case you think this is 1984, rest assured: we're about to be in 2020. But Vince Neil and Tommy Lee — they of Motley Crue — are still fighting like it's the 1980s. So why, now, are Tommy Lee and Vince Neil n a feud?

Motley Crue — and Vince Neil & Tommy Lee — is a name that needs no introduction. Their hit songs can be rattled off easily by anyone who's been following rock'n'roll for any extended period of time — "Home Sweet Home," "Dr. Feelgood," "Without You," "Motherf***er Of The Year," "Primal Scream," and "Kickstart My Heart" are just a few of the many songs in the Motley Crue oeuvre — and they've enjoyed a whole new spate of success with the Netflix film, The Dirt, based on their autobiography of the same name. 


They, however, have been fighting since time immemorial. Let's look at what's going on in the Tommy Lee/Vince Neil feud now.

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1. Tommy Lee and Vince Neil are feuding because of rehab?

Sobriety and Motley Crue don't necessarily go hand-in-hand (although Nikki Sixx, for what it's worth, has been clean and sober for a while now, so good on him). However, according to Radar, Motley Crue is gearing up for a "comeback" tour, (that they've reportedly been offered $150 million for) but they'll only agree to it if Vince loses 40 lbs. and goes into rehab. Vince, as you might imagine, is taking it as well as you think he would, which is to say he's not taking it well at all. 


2. Tommy Lee is clean and sober. 

If you believe The Dirt, and Tommy Lee's own words, he's struggled with sobriety in the past. However, he claims to be clean and sober now. But Brittany Furlan Lee, his wife, admitted that they were high on another drug that we all get high on from time to time. Check it out below. 

3. But Vince Neil says he's anything but. 

The same report for Radar that claims that Tommy Lee and Vince Neil are feuding is also claiming that Tommy Lee is no more clean and sober than Keith Richards is, and Vince would like EVERYONE TO KNOW ABOUT IT, DAMN IT. Alright, Vince. Glass houses, stones, and all that. 


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4. Tommy Lee and Vince Neil have been feuding for a long time. 

Tommy Lee and Vince Neil have been feuding since, at least, the 1980s. In fact, one of Vince Neil's funniest lines about Tommy Lee comes courtesy of The Dirt, when he says, "Tommy can be the most fun guy in the world to be around. His only problem is that he is so scared other people won't like him that he lies to make himself look better. That's the way he is and that's the way he always will be. He's a chameleon. Whatever is in, he wants to do that. He never really stuck to what made him what he was, which was rock and roll. If hip-hop is in, he is a hip-hopper. If Punk is in, he is a punk rocker. If Tommy had fucking tits, he'd be a Spice Girl."

5. For what it's worth, it seems like Tommy Lee has 'stuck to what made him what he was,' if his new announcement is to be believed. 

Metalhead Zone has announced that, even if the Motley Crue doesn't happen, Tommy Lee will still remain busy. He just signed on to Five Finger Death Punch's new project, which is a film called The Retaliators that will also feature other rock stars. 

6. The reports of a Tommy Lee and Vince Neil feud might be untrue. 

"One thing the tabloid suspiciously doesn’t mention is that the band signed a “cessation of touring agreement” after their farewell tour in 2015. This dictates that the band won’t tour again, as reported by Rolling Stone at the time, and there is no indication they intend to break that agreement. In fact, Sixx — the guy the tabloids claim is “raring” to go — told the same magazine in February, “Sometimes I look out at my friends, like the guys in Aerosmith and Metallica, and I’m like, ‘did we retire too soon? But there will be no one-offs in our future. Maybe we’ll just get together and jam in [guitarist] Mick Mars’ front room," reports Gossip Cop.


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