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90-Day Fiancé Spoilers: Are Blake And Jasmin From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together?

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90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Are Blake And Jasmin From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

The new season of 90 Day Fiancé wouldn't be complete if one couple didn't have a family who thinks that the foreign fiancé loves America more than the American they're planning to marry. The season that couple is Blake and Jasmin.

Blake is a Californian planning to marry his Finnish model girlfriend Jasmin. He comes right out and says that, on the surface, it doesn't seem like this pair has much in common. But he assures the TLC cameras that they're really a good fit. His family isn't so sure. They think Jasmin is using him to get her permanent residency in America so that she can be closer to her sister who already has a green card.

Now, this pair is trying to get married before Jasmin's K1 visa runs out in 90 days. Are Jasmin and Blake from 90 Day Fiancé still together? Read on for all the spoilers. 

1. Who is Blake? 

Blake, who is also known as Hollow Brooks in music circles, is a musician and producer in L.A. The 29-year-old uses his Instagram profile to promote his work but doesn't share too many personal details there. He is a prolific performer however and has new music up every few weeks. 

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2. Who is Jasmin?

Jasmin is a native of Finland who seems to have a background in gymnastics. Her Instagram goes all the way back to 2014 when she was competing for the title of Miss Finland. She didn't win the national pageant but spent a year touring as Miss Suomi, a regional title. Her pictures also reveal that she isn't brand new to the U.S. As early as 2014 she had been spending some time in California and Las Vegas with her sister. Jasmin does some modeling and she posts numerous photos of herself on shoots as well as selfies. 


A post shared by Jasmin Lahtinen (@jasminaniel) on Apr 9, 2014 at 10:16am PDT

Jasmin was a Miss Finland contestant.

3. How did they meet?

The official line from TLC is that this couple met on a dating app and Blake traveled to Finland to meet her. But in an interview with Entertainment Tonight recently, the couple shared a slightly different version of events. They revealed that Jasmin had been living in L.A. at the time they connected on the dating app and they started to get to know one another in California. She returned to Finland not too long after they met and that's when the long-distance part of their relationship began. Once they decided to get married and Jasmin agreed to come to the U.S., it wasn't complete culture shock. She told ET that she knew where she was moving and she had known Blake for two years so she felt really safe coming here.


A post shared by Official Page of Hollow Brook$ (@hollowbrooks) on Oct 30, 2019 at 12:39am PDT

They share details on their relationship with ET.

4. Sister in the city

Another reason Jasmin might be happy to be coming to L.A. permanently is that her sister is there as well. In their Instagram feeds, the two post a lot of pictures together so they seem to have a very close relationship. Janet had previously won the green card lottery and is able to stay in the U.S. permanently. For Jasmin, this makes L.A. feel more like home right away. For Blake's friends and family, it's a cause for suspicion. They wonder if being close to her sister is Jasmin's real motive and that she is using Blake as a way to relocate to America. 

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5. Not fitting in

The clips of the show emphasize the differences between Jasmin and Blake. He even says that it doesn't seem like they would have anything in common but "We're meant to be together." In one scene, she shares her reluctance to attend a party with some of his friends, saying that she doesn't feel like she fits in with them. He presses her to come anyway but she declines and leaves him alone in a restaurant.

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6. He's the drama

In their interview with Entertainment Tonight, the two seem to confirm their extrovert-introvert dynamic where Blake does most of the talking. They laugh and explain that they like it that way. Blake says that the season will show them struggling to make their relationship work on camera. "In the beginning, it was kind of like, a little bumpy and smooth for us, but as it got down the line, it kind of got nerve-wracking and that can come from anything," he shared. "You'll have to find out." When asked what the season would be like, Blake replied "Dramatic, realistic."

Jasmin denied bringing the drama, however. "I'm, like, drama-free as a person so I don't know what to say," she said. "You're more drama than me," she told Blake, who laughed and agreed.

We don't know yet if this couple got married but in their ET interview, Jasmin was wearing an engagement ring and the couple was holding hands. 

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