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Meet Carly Wilson — Nanny Who Allegedly Had Affair With Jim Edmonds

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Meet Carly Wilson — Nanny Who Allegedly Had Affair With Jim Edmonds

Now that RHOC stars Meghan King Edmonds and John Edmonds are headed to divorce court, the gloves have come off. According to Meghan, John cheated on her with the nanny — and it goes without saying that the nanny flat-out denies the allegations. So who is Carly Wilson, the nanny allegedly behind the Meghan King Edmonds and John Edmonds divorce?

Divorce is never easy, and divorce that plays out on the public stage is even more difficult. Meghan King Edmonds, star of The Real Housewives of Orange County, seems determined to let her divorce from Jim Edmonds play out in the press. Now, the latest allegation she's made is that her children's nanny, Carly Wilson, was having an affair with her soon-to-be ex-husband. 

Let's look at what we know about this allegation, and whether it has any merit. 

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1. Jim Edmonds was the one who filed the papers. 

According to Perez Hilton, Jim Edmonds was the one who ultimately went down to the courthouse to file the papers to end his five-year marriage to Meghan King Edmonds. What's worse, Jim filed for divorce on the day after the couple's fifth wedding anniversary. Ouch! 

2. Jim Edmonds also said that he wasn't sleeping with Carly Wilson. 

Shortly after Jim Edmonds filed for divorce, Meghan King Edmonds came out with the allegations of him cheating on her with Carly Wilson. According to Too Fab, however, Jim Edmonds not only denied cheating on Meghan King Edmonds he also denied sleeping with Carly Wilson and said that the allegations against the Edmonds' former nanny were dangerous. "It's dangerous, irresponsible and hurtful to all to allow a rumor to be spread to the world because of insecurities," he said on his Instagram account, which he has since made private. 


A post shared by Carly Wilson (@lifewithcarlyj) on Oct 10, 2019 at 5:36pm PDT

3. Meghan King Edmonds' mother called the cops on Jim Edmonds. 

Because this divorce isn't getting messy enough, Radar reports that shortly after Jim Edmonds filed for divorce from Meghan King Edmonds, an incident took place and Meghan's mother called the police on Jim to have him removed from the home. "Meghan King Edmonds’ mother reportedly called the police on her daughter’s estranged husband Jim amid the couple’s divorce battle. “She called the police. The cops showed up and asked them what was going on. Jim said it was his house and he was getting his clothes as they told him to when Meghan wasn’t there,” reported the outlet. They also said that after the situation was cleared up, Meghan's mom was asked to leave. Whoops!  

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4. Of course, Meghan King Edmonds' co-stars are gloating about this whole situation. 

Sigh. No comment about this level of petty. But Meghan King Edmonds' RHOC co-star Kelly Dodd ran, not walked, to Us Weekly to let the outlet know that SHE CALLED IT, DAMN IT, about Jim Edmonds being nothing but a cheating dog. (Actually, we shouldn't call him a cheating dog, because dogs are loyal.) "I said it and called it at the reunion. After she was calling me out for having an affair. Funny how these housewives like to pass judgment. they need to clean their own houses," she said. (Well...no arguments from this corner.)

5. Before the Carly Wilson cheating scandal, Jim and Meghan King Edmonds were supposed to be 'working on their marriage.'

"A day before the reported divorce filing, Meghan, 35, and Jim, 49, marked their five-year wedding anniversary and she said in an interview that they were working on repairing their marriage following his admission months ago about exchanging explicit texts with a different woman," reported E! News.

6. Carly Wilson denied sleeping with Jim Edmonds. 

Carly Wilson took to her Instagram to flat-out deny the allegations that she was sleeping with Jim Edmonds. Well. Alright then. Obviously, this is a developing sitiation that we will keep a close eye on.

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