Meet Katya Adushkina — Russian YouTuber Threatened At Gunpoint In Viral Video

It was a prank.

Who Is Katya Adushkina? New Details On The Russian YouTuber Threatened At Gunpoint In Viral Video Instagram

A 16-year-old Russian vlogger was allegedly the victim of a cruel prank where a gunman stalked and pretended he was going to shoot her but didn’t. Katya Adushkina is a beauty YouTuber. In an emotional video, she revealed that she'd been the victim of the cruel joke, which was filmed but has now been confiscated by the Moscow police. The prank involved a group of seven men who planned to post the video prank to YouTube.


Anushka is best known for her Youtube channel where she uploads makeup tutorials and beauty vlogs. She's done so well that she even sells her own makeup line, which many of the prestige makeup artists do on YouTube. She also posts videos of her own music and has over 10 million views on her music videos. All of her videos are in Russian but she is very well established at such a young age. At just 16 years old, she has nearly 5 million subscribers on her channel.

She said that the man approached her as she was walking home in the Russian capital. The Russian police are looking into her complaints and the video that was recorded before they confiscated it. Who is Katya Adushkina?


1. Her fame may have had something to do with the attack

According to Lad Bible, Adushkina has nearly five million subscribers on YouTube and over three million followers on Instagram. Adushkina believes she was the target of this cruel prank because she is considered YouTube famous and that the group of men involved were planning to upload the video to Youtube.

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2. She shared the story on Instagram

According to Insider, the English translation of Adushkina's post says, "It was the worst situation in my life," the 16-year-old wrote in Russian. The man asked Katya for directions to the subway but did not leave. He then grabbed her."He whispers in my ear that everything will be fine and that I do not jump," she said. "I'm still trying to break free and attract passers-by as this young man pulls out a gun."The man pointed the gun at her and then counted to three but didn’t shoot the gun.


3. Adushkina saw the video

According to Daily Mail, Adushkina actually saw the footage that the group recorded for the video but prohibited the group from releasing it on YouTube, claiming her attackers aimed to get clicks exploiting her fame.

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4. The gunman presented her with flowers instead of shooting her

'He counted to three, as if in a countdown before shooting, but at "three" the gun didn't shoot. The gunman, instead, presented her with flowers and whispered that he wasn’t actually going to shoot. After she returned home, her parents called the police, according to Daily Mail.



A post shared by Катя Адушкина (@katusha_adushkina) on Oct 6, 2019 at 10:21pm PDT

5. The group planned to post the video to YouTube

She shared that police have since confiscated the video of the incident and that the attack was ‘well planned.’ “It turned out that it was a well-planned attack,” she said in her Instagram post. “I don't know any of these people, but they took great time to prepare it. There were seven young men with walky-talkies who meticulously planned the attack. For the sake of YouTube likes they are ready to point a gun at someone.”


6. She is traumatized

Adushkina is clearly traumatized by the cruel joke, which is understandable. The group involved should face whatever consequences they deserve and hopefully, this will be a lesson for others that this is simply not funny. “I am only 15, [she turned 16 on October 18] what have I done to deserve this?” she said. 'You can't just grab someone and point a gun — and then start laughing and give flowers. If you want to prank a stranger, how can you know his or her emotional and psychological limits?” She continued, “It was 'mean when people try to gain popularity at expense of others,” according to Daily Mail's English translation.

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