YouTube's Austin McBroom Facing Rape Allegations — How The Ace Family Responded

Multiple women have allegedly come forward.

Who Are Austin McBroom And Catherine Paiz? New Details On Ace Family Rape Allegations Instagram

Famous Youtuber Austin McBroom, of the Ace Family, has been accused of rape, according to a YouTube video made by Cole Carrigan. Austin McBroom has been with girlfriend Catherine Paiz since 2015. The couple has been engaged since August 2017. Followers are under the impression that Paiz is aware of the alleged cheating. Carrigan shared with his viewers that a close friend of him called him one night crying hysterically because she allegedly had been raped that night. Carrigan told the girl’s story on her behalf because she signed a nondisclosure agreement. Carrigan also mentioned that another girl who was with his friend had also been raped. The women’s’ identities are anonymous at this time.


In the video, Carrigan shared screenshots showing text exchanges between his unidentified friend and McBroom. He also showed text exchanges between McBroom and an employee hinting that this was how McBroom scouted women. The video also shared images of the bed which was covered in blood from the other woman after the incident.

Carrigan also claimed that a gossip vlogger named Keem was originally going to release a video exposing McBroom with this story but was allegedly paid hush money by the Ace Family.

Others have also allegedly come forward and made claims that this wasn't the first occurrence from McBroom. "In an anonymous message posted Tuesday on Carrigan's Instagram story, a woman claimed McBroom 'was trying to finger me through my skirt and was groping me while his friend was trying to 'set' us up having sex.'" according to Newsweek. "The woman claimed the encounter happened a few weeks ago and said she was 'so disgusted'."


Why was Austin McBroom accused of rape and sexual assault?

Read on for all the details.

This isn’t McBroom’s first controversy.

According to Newsweek, McBroom’s past does not work in his favor. In January, McGroom posted a Snapchat video where he took Paiz’s five-year-old sister into a sex shop and bought her a penis-shaped lollipop. This did not sit well with his viewers and led to a lot of controversies because it was in such poor taste.

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McBroom hinted on Twitter that he will be taking legal action.

Austin McBroom shared a Twitter post Tuesday stating that he is taking legal action to fight these allegations. He called the claims against him "bullying, extortion, slander and defamation."


McBroom wrote, "Me and my family are taking these allegations very seriously...we are taking legal action to handle this matter of extortion," he said. He further stated that he is taking legal advice from a former Senior Prosecutor. "We are confident that Mr. (redacted) will seek the truth in this matter and hold those accountable for their extortion."

The second woman allegedly involved denied these claims.

According to E Online, in a now-deleted Instagram post, the second girl involved in the incident posted a picture with the caption:


"I feel like this video was made for the wrong reasons, and this wasn't Cole's story to tell. Cole even texted me saying we could potentially get $100,000 from this, following the claim that Drama Alert was paid off $500k," she alleged in screenshots shared by Austin. "I wasn't aware Amanda or Cole were in contact with Drama Alert to anonymously run our story."

She added, "I wanted to say that Austin McBroom is not to blame in the situation, and did not rape me or anyone. I'm currently handling this situation in my own way."

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Drama channel vlogger Keemstar was allegedly paid $500k to keep quiet.

In Carrigan’s video, he shared that drama channel Keemstar, who runs the news vlog Drama Alert, sought information on McBroom regarding these allegations, but as he was nearing the release of the video, he ‘ghosted’ the project and never spoke about it.


Carrigan claimed this was due to the Ace family paying him $500k in hush money after asking what happened to the video.

Some think Carrigan was paid to make this video.

According to Too Fab, "Keemstar ran a different story instead — in which he claimed Carrigan was trying to extort McBroom for $100k". The second girl allegedly involved who released a statement on Instagram also saying these claims were false and were made as a publicity stunt so Carrigan could extort money from McBroom.

Fans seem divided on whose story to believe.

Fans and followers just don't know what to believe and are torn on which side to take. 

Here are a few comments Twitter users have shared:


"I heard this Cole person literally does this for clout it’s so funny like he’s been in so many situations were he tried to 'expose someone' but it turned out to be a lie. He’s literally stupid, I love y’all you don’t deserve this :(."

"I need more proof low key.. I’m not on either side but I just need more proof to prove the truth."

"Austin will pay any money to keep himself clean. I love the ace family. I supported them from day one.. but this stuff is serious and I don’t condone this behavior so until it’s cleared up Idk if I can even watch them the same anymore."


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