20 Best Baby Carrier Halloween Costumes 2019

20 Great Costumes For Baby Carriers

A baby carrier is a necessity if you're carrying around an infant, but the reality is that it makes trick-or-treating a lot easier than pushing a stroller all night. And, of course, you want your baby's adorable costume to be seen.

A great way to do that is incorporating the carrier into the costume completely. Want to wear your baby carrier and have a Halloween costume people can actually see? How do you do that? There are plenty of options for Halloween costumes, from buying a complete outfit to some creative DIY.

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1. Diver & Octopus

Looking for a fun and playful costume for your youngest child? Now, you and your little one can swim happily in this Octopus Baby Carrier Costume. They will look absolutely adorable in this unique octopus costume that includes a mask, flipper shoe covers, octopus carrier cover, and matching headpiece.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

2. Pumpkin

This set includes a pumpkin hat and booties for baby. The plush pumpkin cover attaches to front exterior of your baby carrier.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

3. Chef & Lobster

This chef cooked up something adorable! Costume includes carrier cover, chef hat, and apron.

(Target, $41.99)

4. The Hangover: Alan & Baby

This set includes: t-shirt, a pair of regular glasses, a plush baby carrier (you can add padding to make the baby plump) with a fake Carlos baby with a screen print face, a wig, and a beard and mustache.

(Walmart, $49.95)

5. Safari Guide & Lion

Expeditions don't get more exciting than being a baby in a new world! This costume includes Safari hat for mom or dad, lion jumpsuit with headpiece for your wee one, and the jumpsuit attaches universally to any baby carrier.

(Target, $20.39)

6. Pirate & Mermaid

Includes pirate hat and eye patch for mom or dad, and mermaid jumpsuit with headpiece for your baby. 

(Target, $20.39)

7. DIY Beekeeper

Mom can wear a beekeeper hat, and baby can wear some cool bumblebee leggings! It may be DIY, but it takes little to no work at all.

8. Beekeeper & Bumble Bee

Of course, you can just buy a beekeeper costume if you don’t want to do all those pieces separately. Use this adorable ensemble for family pictures, and then double down for Halloween by making it your family’s focal piece. 

(Target, $42.99)

9. Unicorn

Mom can wear a unicorn hood or mask with unicorn paws and tail, while carrying baby in carrier.

10. Popcorn

This adorable popcorn costume is made with flannel and felt, and comes with a hat made out of white knit. The costume attaches to your carrier using ribbons. It fits most soft structured baby carriers.

(Etsy, $59)

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11. Little Red Riding Hood & Baby Wolf

My, what big teeth you have! This is a Red Riding Hood and Baby Wolf costume to put a spin on a classic fairytale.

(Walmart, $26.98)

12. Panda

Why not turn your little one into a baby panda bear? Watch as people "oooh" and "ahhh" at the costume party when they see your adorable baby dressed up as a cute panda.

(Target, $35)

13. Monkey

Made of 100 percent polyester fleece fabric, this adorable costume features a soft-sculpted and appliquéd monkey face on top of hood. Off-center front opening and extra-long enclosed arms and legs connect with hook and loop fasteners. Hood has hook and loop fastener under chin.

(Halloween Costumes, $29.99)

14. Cupcake

This adorable cupcake costume is made with fleece, flannel, and felt. The costume attaches to your carrier using ribbons you tie around the shoulder straps of your carrier. Comes with a headband with a cherry on top.

(Etsy, $56)

15. Rattles the Skeleton Boy

Bib background made of soft jersey knit and Skeleton body is soft felt. High quality, fun, mom-designed baby carrier costume attaches onto your baby carrier, and are tied on using soft satin ribbons.

(Etsy, $35.99)

16. Friendly Ghost

Made with flannel, felt, and ribbon, there's an embroidered "Boo" in black lettering. It attaches to the carrier using ribbon that ties around the shoulder straps of your carrier, and comes with one headband.

(Etsy, $39)

17. Spooky Baby Carrier

Sometimes it’s not just about the theme or a costume but staying in the spirit. It's the perfect choice to finish your Halloween look with an ergo baby carrier like this. You and your baby in this unique hand painted soft structured carrier will be the most unforgettable part of the party.

(Etsy, $250)

18. Patch the Pirate

Bib background and pirate stripes are made of soft jersey knit, and the pirate Hat is 100 percent cotton.

(Etsy, $35.99)

19. Spider

You might have to carry your baby for this one to make it work, but this spider costume is still great.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

20. Zombie

This one seems fun and a bit creepy, but no costume is actually necessary. Just an oversized white buttondown big enough to cover the carrier and some red “blood like” makeup will do the trick.

  • Oversized white shirt (Amazon)
  • Red face and body paint (Amazon)
  • Zombie makeup kit (Amazon)

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