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'Real Housewives Of NY' Star Countess Luann Allegedly Back With Ex-Boyfriend Rich Super

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who is Rich Super

The romantic life of a celebrity is always subject to public scrutiny. Whether it’s Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe Kardashian, or Angelina Jolie divorcing Brad Pitt due to drug use and anger issues, it’s certainly not easy going through such a life-changing event while dealing with the media and paparazzi.

But for D-list celebrities, especially those on reality television, it brings a whole new level of criticism. And for Luann de Lesseps, it’s been quite a rollercoaster over the last few years.

Fans of Real Housewives of New York City were well aware of how much of a dirtbag de Lessep’s second husband, Tom D’Agostino, was while watching the show. Luckily, the two divorced just eight months after marrying.

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Despite her numerous legal problems following the fallout of her marriage, it appeared de Lessep got right back on the horse and began dating again. Who is Rich Super?

Well, he's actually Luann's ex-boyfriend. Super was the first man de Lessep dated after her divorce from D’Agostino. The two got together in 2018, but he broke up with her right before she went to rehab. Sources say Super left because things were getting “too hairy.” However, he still served as her agent. That’s right!

Super began representing de Lesseps in early 2018 since she began her cabaret shows. He was also in the midst of a divorce from his wife at the time.


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Sources also revealed to People that they were introduced by a mutual friend, but were trying to take things slow since de Lesseps had just gotten divorced. “She’s smitten but taking it slowly after her recent divorce. He was getting divorced when she met him. He filed for divorce before they were introduced,” one insider said.

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“It’s all very new, but like most things with Luann, it’s been all-consuming. They only started working together a few months ago. He was reluctant to sign her at first because of The Housewives, but her work ethic surprised him in many ways and sealed the deal. They’ve been a great team since. Their chemistry was instant.

He’s very aggressive and she goes toe-to-toe with him. You can tell they’re having a lot of fun together. They’re very hot and heavy together. Luann’s happy to have something lighthearted in her life after all the drama of the past year. And his marriage was over before they met, so it’s been good for him to move on,” another source claimed. 

Now, over a year after their split, the exes are apparently back together ... kind of.

A source close to the two claims they aren’t ready to call themselves a couple just yet, and told Page Six, “Luann and Rich are bizarre people. They spend every waking hour together, and he passionately rushes to her defense, but it’s technically unconfirmed [that they’re an item].”

But despite their attempts to keep their relationship under wraps, someone may have given their secret away.

Comedian Michelle Collins recently told her Sirius XM listeners that she and the former Countess had neighboring rooms at a casino. “And here’s the thing. Luann’s boyfriend was in town, and I’m like as much as I love her, I just didn’t want to hear Luann having sex.”

Neither party has responded to the rumors, but just last week, Super was in one of de Lessep’s Instagram posts.

So, that begs the question: will Super be featured on the newest season of Real Housewives of New York City? The series began filming in August and will premiere in early 2020.

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