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Meet Seann William Scott's Wife Olivia Korenberg — All The Deets On Their Secret Wedding

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Who Is Seann William Scott's Wife? New Details On Olivia Korenberg And Their Secret Wedding

Seann William Scott secretly got married last month and now we finally know who the lucky bride is.

The American Pie actor has tied the knot with interior designer Olivia Korenberg, who used to run her own design firm in Los Angeles.

Scott had been keeping a low profile about the relationship. He confirmed that he was dating someone and that he was happy but he didn’t drop any hints that marriage was on the horizon and he's kept her name out of the news until now.

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Who is Olivia Korenberg? Read on to learn all about her.

1. A pretty private person

US Weekly reported back in September that the actor had a new love interest but he didn’t pass along a lot of details about who she was, how they met, or how serious the romance actually was. All he said was that he was “dating somebody.”

When the magazine asked for details, he said “She’s a great girl,” then told them that he’s a “pretty private” person but “super happy” with the new love in his life.

2. Finally settling down

After skyrocketing to massive fame after the success of American Pie, Scott played the field for a while.

US Weekly reminded us that he was linked to Jaime King, January Jones and model Deanna Miller over the years. He was even engaged back in 2012 to Victoria’s Secret model Lindsay Frimodt.

He was head over heels for her and famously quipped to E! News, “I don’t how I got a girl like my fiancé. She hadn’t seen American Pie. Thank God. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t be engaged.”

Scott and Frimodt never made it down the aisle, however. The broke up in 2013.


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The American Pie cast at a recent reunion.

3. Talented interior designer

The new Mrs. Scott is an interior designer and, until this summer, worked at a boutique LA firm called TwoFold LA, which she co-founded with Jenn Pablo in 2011, according to the TwoFold website.

The firm not only does interiors for business and residential clients, but they have also consulted on events such as destination weddings and galas.

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4. New creative endeavors

Korenberg left the firm she founded this summer to pursue new projects.

She announced her departure in an Instagram post:

“Over the course of the past near 8 years, I’ve had the privilege of creating memorable experiences and environments for Clients who have put their trust and faith in me,” she wrote. “It's taken me to Reims, France where I designed and produced my very first wedding and has culminated here in Los Angeles completing a recent wedding for a couple I’ve known since high school. At 23 years old I had no idea the extent to which running a business would stretch and challenge me both professionally and personally. I am so proud of what has been accomplished in this past near decade and am excited to see where Jenn Pablo takes Twofold LA in this next phase. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds.”


A post shared by Twofold LA (@twofoldla) on Aug 14, 2019 at 8:52am PDT

Korenberg and her business partner Jenn Pablo.

5. Future plans unclear

Koreberg hasn’t mentioned any new plans in the design field and since her personal social media accounts are private,

it's impossible to get a peek into her life that way — though we can confirm that her IG account lists “Scott” as her new last name.

6. American Pie 5?

As for her new husband, he’s fielding rumors about a new installment of the American Pie movies. He told People magazine that he had loved doing the films and never really expected them to be as successful as they were. “I didn’t think that we were going to do a thousand American Piemovies,” Scott said. “I had a feeling though, because the script was so funny, that it had the potential to be a success. Because it was this combination of these characters being really sweet and having such authenticity to the high school experience and being funny.”

“I think I only worked in the movie for six days,” Scott added. “I was only supposed to be in a couple scenes, so they just kept letting me improvise because I just wanted to get myself in as much of the movie as possible. Every day for me was a dream come true,” he said of working on the film. “I felt like I’d won the lottery.”

The idea of a fifth installment of the series would certainly get audiences excited but it’s not clear if the cast would be as into it. There are whispers that Scott doesn’t get along with co-star Jason Biggs. Tara Reid fueled those rumors when she told US Weekly “Seann and Jason have to get along. There’s a lot of talk about [the fifth film], but there’s always talk about everything, so you never really know until you know. I hope so!” But other sources say that there’s no bad blood between the two actors at all.

Many good wishes to the newlyweds and time will tell if there will be a new American Pie film.

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