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Meet Evan Lowenstein — Kevin Spacey's Manager, Former Boy Band Member And Rumored Lover

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Who Is Evan Lowenstein? New Details On Kevin Spacey's Manager And Rumored Lover

Who is Evan Lowenstein? That's what we all want to know. The handsome 45-year-old has been getting cozy of late with Kevin Spacey. The two were spotted dining out in Paris lately, where Spacey was happy to talk to fans. Lowenstein has been Spacey's manager since 2016 and to say the direction of his career has taken a turn is putting it lightly. Of course, Spacey has also been under fire for the many allegations that he behaved inappropriately with a number of young men over the years, but that's not the focus of this article. Rather, let's dive into the fascinating history of Evan Lowenstein.

1. He was part of a boy band

Back in the mid-1990s, Evan and his twin brother were a boy band called Evan and Jaron. Raised in an Orthodox Jewish family in Atlanta, Georgia, the two had a number of singles. Their biggest hit was a song called "Crazy for This Girl," which hit no. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2000. 

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2. He was living the life of an Orthodox Jew in Florida with a wife and kids

Evan and Jaron stopped performing as a group when Evan started a family. He and his now ex-wife Kassini Lowenstein got married in 2005 had four children together before divorcing in 2015. When Evan became Kevin Spacey's manager, Kassini sought to have her divorce settlement modified. She claimed that he had not been spending any time with his kids since he started hanging out with Spacey. Additionally, given the allegations against Spacey, she didn't want their four children around the actor. According to the divorce settlement documents obtained by DailyMail, Evan was supposed to see his children every third weekend and on Jewish holidays. 


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3. He only has one client: Kevin Spacey

Evan Lowenstein is a talent manager with exactly one client: Kevin Spacey. He took over for Spacey's longtime manager Joanne Horowitz, who was fired by Spacey afer 28 years of working together. The Oscar winner then hired Lowenstein, who proceeded to fire the rest of Spacey's team except for his talent agents at CAA. Of course, CAA cut ties with Spacey when Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of making a sexual advance on him when he was 14. 

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4. Lowenstein was a witness in one of Spacey's alleged assaults

Once Lowenstein took over the direction of Spacey's career, things got weird. Remember the strange "Let Me Be Frank" video Spacey released in character as Frank Underwood when allegations came out about his proclivity for young men? Reportedly, that was the brainchild of Lowenstein. Frankly (pun intended) it made Spacey appear creepy and guilty. But here's the thing — Lowenstein was also a witness to one of Spacey's alleged assaults. He was with Spacey when the Oscar winner allegedly stuck his hands down the front of an off-duty busboy's pants at Nantucket's Club Car restaurant. That busboy was 18. He dropped the charges against Spacey in July.


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5. Are Spacey and Lowenstein dating?

There have been rumors swirling about Spacey and Lowenstein since they started hanging out in 2016. Officially, they've only admitted to being good friends. Some outlets call Lowenstein Spacey's live-in talent manager. It is not known if Evan Lowenstein is gay. However, he has shown he's a supporter of the LBGTQ+ community across his social media. 

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6. The Paris incident

Spacey and Lowenstein were enjoying dinner out in Paris when a fan approached the former House of Cards actor. The fan told Radar: “We sat at his table for about 20 minutes chatting. He was very warm and welcoming. We were all drinking alcohol, but he was just drinking a soda." Reportedly, Spacey told the fan that he and Lowenstein worked together and were good friends. 

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