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French Provocateur Marie S'Infiltre Got Roasted By Gigi Hadid For Crashing Chanel Runway Show

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Who Is Marie S'Infiltre? New Details On French Provocateur Who Crashed Chanel Runway And Was Escorted Out By Gigi Hadid

Don't mess with the Hadid! In a recent report, it was revealed that Gigi Hadid confronted a wannabe model and gatecrasher who has since made headlines all over the world. Who is Marie S'Infiltre?

The concept of "comedy" varies from culture to culture — and, as a noted scholar once pointed out, comedy is based upon what each culture finds offensive. For example, a culture that doesn't consider sex profane (such as the Scandinavians) might base their comedy around the follies of life; a culture that does consider sex profane (such as ours) bases their comedy around various sexual acts. 

Apparently, for the French, comedy includes crashing Chanel runways. This is a country that gave us Vanessa Paradis' singing career and considers Gerard Depardieu a stud, so perhaps you have to be French to "get it." 

Regardless, Marie S'Infiltre is one of their top talent, so let's take a look at what we know about her ... and why Gigi Hadid roasted her to the bone. 

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1. What happened in the first place?

According to Hollywood Reporter, Marie S'Infiltre — whose real name is Marie Benoliel — took to the Chanel runway during an exhibition. Wearing a black-and-white hat and a tweed outfit (why?!), S'Infiltre took to Instagram to tell her followers she planned to crash the fashion show as a tribute to the late, great Karl Lagerfeld (who's probably rolling in his grave). 

2. Needless to say, Gigi Hadid was not amused by Marie S'Infiltre. 

"When French comedian and performer Marie Benoliel hopped onto the Grand Palais runway at Chanel’s Spring 2020 show on Tuesday in Paris, Gigi Hadid was there to save the day. After joining the lineup from a seat, which appeared to be near Anna Wintour and Cardi B, Benoliel took a turn on the runway, placed her hands on her hips and started preening for photographers — but the supermodel swiftly confronted her and proceeded to put her in her place," reported Footwear News, who was at the scene of the fashion crime.

3. The beef continued backstage. Allegedly.

Nothing says "high fashion" like model beef. According to Indy 100, after Marie S'Infiltre got escorted off the runway by Gigi Hadid, the rumors started about what happened once they got off the runway. Some say Gigi Hadid got physical with S'Infiltre. Others say the duo had a verbal falling out. Whatever the case, clearly something happened because S'Infiltre later snarked that she still hadn't recovered from the "fight" she had with Gigi Hadid. (Of course, she could just be saying that to get more attention.)

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4. This wasn't the first time Marie S'Infiltre crashed the runway. 

"It’s not her first time crashing the shows either: Benoliel stormed the runway at Etam earlier this week, creeping up behind model Cindy Bruna in a pair of metallic silver hot pants and a glittery corset top. She even hired a fake bodyguard and driver to escort her around that day while pretending to be an influencer," reported Vogue Magazine, who's even less amused by her stunt than Gigi Hadid was.

5. Did Gigi Hadid beat her up?

Physical violence is never okay, except in matters of life & death. Fashion, while to die for, is not a life and death matter. And if you believe In Touch Weekly, Marie S'Infiltre claimed that Gigi Hadid "tore at her hair" after she was escorted off the runway. Hardly necessary, if true. 

6. What's next for Marie S'Infiltre?

According to Newsweekwe can expect more hijinx and shenanigans from Marie S'Infiltre in the future. The outlet reports that S'Infiltre is famous for mocking French high society, and now, she's apparently adding "mocking American capitalism" to her resume as well. Which ... go'head girl. Do your thing. Just leave the iconic Chanel runways alone. Karl Lagerfeld would not be amused.

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