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24-Year-Old Woman Murdered By Man She Met On Tinder

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Who Is Haley Lorenzen? 24-Year-Old Woman Murdered By Boyfriend Phillip Walters Who She Met On Tinder

For many singles, using online dating apps and services is a great way to meet people. Unfortunately, online dating comes with its own set of risks.

In 2014, a woman in New Zealand fell off a balcony while trying to escape her violent Tinder date, who allegedly choked and trapped her. In 2016, a woman’s body was found in trash bags after being dissolved in hydrochloric acid, a victim of a man she met on Tinder. 

In 2017, Bailey Boswell and Aubrey Trail were charged with the murder of a woman they dismembered. In 2018, Danueal Drayton was arrested for rape and murder after meeting his victim on Tinder. In July 2019, Demetris Nelson was charged with using the gay dating app Grindr to kill his victims, based on their sexual orientation. 

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It seems like for every success, there’s another gruesome one. And a recent story has made it even clearer to be careful when meeting strangers online. 

Who is Haley Lorenzen? The 24-year-old native of Falls, Pennsylvania moved to Mill City, Oregon last year to be with her boyfriend, Phillip Walters, 32. The two met online and Lorenzen moved in November 2018. Just one month later, Walters reported her missing. 

But things weren’t as they seemed, because Walters allegedly killed Lorenzen, acted like the worried boyfriend, and dumped her body.

Lorenzen’s family was left worried and wondering what happened to Lorenzen for six months, when her body was discovered in the Susquehanna River river in July. A woman Walters was also romantically involved with told police he admitted to killing his girlfriend by choking her and then hitting her with a hammer. He’s been charged with criminal homicide and pleaded not guilty.

According to authorities, Walters murdered Lorenzen and threw her body in the river, tying her down with rocks.

It made finding her body difficult for investigators and is why it took so long to recover her, in addition to the icy conditions. Dive teams checked the river, but were in a dangerous position with ice chunks. There were also searches by helicopter.

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On July 20, a kayaker discovered her body 22 miles downriver, a few days before her birthday. She was identified by her dental records. Authorities also noted that there were remnants of a white plastic bag tied to her arm. On August 3, her body was brought back to Pennsylvania and cremated. Walters maintains his innocence after a court appearance in April 2019. “I’m innocent. That’s it,” he said.

Her family has gone to great lengths to ensure Lorenzen won’t be forgotten. A memorial was held this past weekend in Troutdale, Pennsylvania. Traci Dominguez, Lorenzen’s aunt, spoke about her niece’s character, saying: 

“She was so beautiful, so beautiful with a big heart. Haley was funny, very dry sense of humor, very funny, again beautiful, outgoing, she had so much more life to live. It’s tragic, it is tragic. 

It’s been difficult, but day by day we get through it together as a family. It’s in steps, you know, there’s been closure, in the beginning when we found out, when we found her, this is another step, it’s like a book that we’re just trying to finish and the door’s going to close eventually and it will be closed, but it’s still an open book, but we have some step by step closure.

When you see it snow this winter, everybody thinks of her. She loved snowflakes. She made snowflakes, hundreds of snowflakes, and that’s one thing I could say as a positive to take with you. When it snows, look out and that’s Haley.”

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Her mother, Deanna, added, “She was a wonderful daughter, and is truly missed. We all have to get used to a new normal. She was an incredible girl. It’s unfortunate the world has been robbed of her. There is never really closure. I know she is with the Lord and is now home with us. I don’t have to worry about where she is anymore.”

Even the Wyoming County District Attorney, Jeffrey Mitchell, says it’s important to remember her: “She was a sister, a niece, a granddaughter, a daughter. She will be deeply missed and she is deeply loved. Despite living in Pennsylvania for a short time, Haley has left an indelible mark on this community.”

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