New Details About The Murder Of The Nebraska Woman Who Went Missing After A Tinder Date

Sydney Loofe was last seen November 16.

Sydney Loofe USA Today

Police have found the body of the Nebraska woman who went missing after going on a Tinder date three weeks ago. 

Authorities said they were led to the remains in rural Clay County after an "analysis of digital evidence." Though they have not yet confirmed the body's identity, they said they believe it to be that of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe.

They also said they believe there is evidence of foul play, which is one of the reasons why they're holding 51-year-old Aubrey Trail and 23-year-old Bailey Boswell in custody as persons of interest. 


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Loofe was first reported missing on November 16 after she didn't show up for work at her job at a Lincoln home improvement store. Posts on her social media accounts indicated that she went on a date on November 15 with Boswell. 

Boswell confirmed on her own social media accounts that she met Loofe on Tinder. 


Boswell lives with Trail in the eastern Nebraska town of Wilber, which is the last place Loofe was seen alive. Days after the woman disappeared, they both left the state. 

Last week, they posted a video on a social media page called "Finding Sydney Loofe" called "Our Side." In the video they proclaimed their innocence in Loofe's disappearance and said that they had made an effort to speak to police.

In the video, Boswell said she went on two dates with Loofe. On the first, they drove around and smoked marijuana. The next day, they did the same thing before going to Boswell's house to smoke some more. 

She said she dropped Loofe off at a friend's house after their second date and never heard from her again. Trail said he "wasn't running from anything," and was praying for Loofe and her family. Police said they have yet to confirm Boswell's timeline. 


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“We’re not trying to defend anything,” Trail said in the video. “We’re not trying to make you believe anything. We just feel we should get to say our side since everyone else gets to say theirs.”

He also said that he had been in contact with police about the case, but that they had told him to stop calling them. “As far as I know, I’m not wanted for anything,” Trail said. “I’m a ‘person of interest,’ and I’m not really running from anything.”

The video was taken off of the Facebook page and post to Facebook. Police arrested Trail and Boswell on unrelated charges in Branson, Missouri on Thursday, and they are currently considered as persons of interest in Loofe's death. 


"By their own statements on social media, we believe that Aubrey Trail and Bailey Boswell were two of the last people to see her before her disappearance," Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister said. "Thus they remain persons of interest."​

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