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Second Parent Devin Sloane Sentenced To Prison In College Admission Scandal

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Who Is Devin Sloane? New Details On Second Parent Sentenced To Prison In College Admissions Scandal For Faking Son's Water Polo Career

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime! The roster of high-profile grifters is being punished (and rightfully so) for their involvement in the highly publicized college admissions scandal — this includes Devin Sloane, a father who paid a $250,000 bribe to get his son into the University of Southern California. The business executive was sentenced to four months in prison this past Tuesday, joining actress Felicity Huffman as the second parent recently tried and convicted in the case. Unlike Huffman, though, Sloane’s crimes are considerably "far more egregious,” according to Assistant US Attorney Eric Rosen, who noted “he paid 17 times the bribe amount to Singer and did not accept responsibility like actor did.” 

Regardless, the name ‘Devin Sloane’ does not ring a bell for the majority; which leaves us questioning, who is Devin Sloane? Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Devin Sloane admitted to paying $250,000 to participate in the college athletic recruitment scheme.

Sloane went to great lengths to help his son get into the University of Southern California, costing him his reputation and freedom as a result. He pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud in May, orchestrating the scam with college admissions fraud, Rick Singer and USC officials. He also has to pay a $95,000 fine and perform 500 hours of community service. Singer’s scheme ensnared dozens of people, including the likes of acclaimed TV stars and coaches.

2. Devin Sloane is the founder of a water treatment company.

The LA-based businessman is the founder and general manager of waterTALENT, a company that provides staff for water and wastewater treatment facilities, and its parent company aquaTECTURE. He is also the former chief executive of a major oil and gas industry equipment supplier. 

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3. He carefully curated a fake athletic profile to help his son gain college admission.

Sloane may be the least famous out of the crooked bunch involved in the scheme; but perhaps, his plot was the most elaborate of them all. Sloane paid to get his son recruited to play collegiate water polo — the gag is, he didn’t play water polo at all, and his high school did not even have a water polo team. Still, Sloane had his son dress up in a Speedo and swim cap, and staged photos to create a fake athletic profile in the summer of 2017. He then devised the narrative this his son was an esteemed international player with “the youth junior team in Italy.” 

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4. Sloane also paid $50,000 directly to USC's women's athletics department.

According to Buzzfeed News, Sloane shelled out cash directly to USC's women's athletics department, “as well as $200,000 to Singer through a bogus charity, the Key Worldwide Foundation.” With that much money involved, it's no surprise that Sloane was caught in the chaos.

5. Federal prosecutors say Sloane then bragged about his crime.

Talk about yikes! Clearly showing zero remorse, Sloane went on to boast about the scam, taking pride in misleading a USC official “to cover up the quid pro quo — using his dead mother as a prop for a fake donation — and even expressed outrage when high school counselors dared to question why a student who did not play water polo was being recruited to play college water polo.” I'm sure the recent sentencing humbled him quite a bit.

6. What’s next for Devin Sloane and the case?

Let’s face it: in this case of deception and scammery, justice hasn’t been served. Sloane’s sentence is laughable, and before we know it, he’ll make a quiet return and fade into obscurity. Many argue that he leveraged his wealth and status to avoid more serious time; and based on what we’ve seen, he was successful in his goal. Sloane may leave unscathed; however, many believe Lori Loughlin will face harsher consequences since she has not pleaded guilty. Not to mention, the third parent, former Cydcor executive Stephen Semprevino, is scheduled to be sentenced. Like Sloane, Semprevino concoted a fraudlent athletic profile for his son, paying $400,000 for him to be admitted into Georgetown University as a fake tennis recruit. We’ll have to wait and see how everything unfolds!

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