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Billy Bob Thornton's Daughter In Prison For Killing Goddaughter; Launches New Bid To Get Out Of Jail Early

Photo: Orange County Sheriff's Office
Who Is Amanda Brumfield? New Details On Billy Bob Thornton's Daughter In Prison For Killing Goddaughter

Who is Amanda Brumfield? She's Billy Bob Thornton's estranged daughter and she's in prison for 20 years for the death of her goddaughter, Olivia Madison Garcia in 2008 in Orlando, Florida. She's served eight years of her sentence for aggravated manslaughter. Now, she's launching a campaign to get out of prison as soon as possible. What's changed in the case that gives her hope of release? Let's look at all the details of the original crime and the new evidence being presented today. 

1. She claims it was an accident

In October 2008, Amanda Brumfield was watching her one-year-old goddaughter Olivia Madison Garcia in Orlando. She claimed the baby had tried to climb out of her playpen and had fallen and hit her head. However, prosecutors said it would be impossible for the type of fall that Brumfield claims occurred to cause a 3 1/2 inch fracture on the baby's skull and bleeding and swelling on her brain. Another fact that prosecutors just couldn't get past was that Brumfield allegedly painted Olivia's toenails before she called 911. 

2. Her famous father

Amanda is the daughter of Billy Bob Thornton and his first wife, Melissa Gatlin, who were married from 1978 to 1980. In their divorce proceedings, Melissa cited "incompatibility and adultery on his part." Thorton pretty much wrote off Amanda after his divorce from her mother. In 2001, Brumfield told Inside Edition: “He’s pretty much made me feel like I’ve been shut out. I mean, I have nothing against him. I love him. He’s my father. I just want him to be around. I don’t want to cry, but it’s not fair to watch him on TV every day, and I can’t even get a call.” 

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3. Thorton's reaction to the crime

Thorton has three younger children by two other women. He's spoken out in the past about his guilt over Amanda. In 2005, he told the Mail: “She didn’t grow up with me, and so we were pretty much strangers for years. Then a few years later, we reconnected, and it’s really good now.” However the reconciliation didn't last and after Brumfield was arrested, Thorton's rep told CNN that he had been estranged from his daughter for "quite some time." He released a statement regarding the charges against Amanda, saying: “Anytime a baby’s life is lost is an unimaginable tragedy, and my heart goes out to the baby’s family and loved ones.” 

4. Amanda's Mom

Melissa deBin-Parish, Amanda's mom and the first of Thonton's six wives, told Radar: “Amanda should never have been convicted, and I’m not just saying that as her mom! There were many facts that were not allowed in the original trial that will now finally come to light. The Innocence Project has fought her case for three years and we have a hearing in October, which will hopefully finally get her freed.”

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5. The charges and conviction

Amanda Brumfield was aquitted of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse. She was convicted on manslaughter charges and sentenced to 20 years in prison. She has served eight years of her sentence so far. She was indicted in June 2009. Her attorney focused on the close relationship Amanda had with Olivia's mother Heather Murphy, who had a key to Amanda's house. Brumfield kept a playpen and diapers at her house for Olivia and planned to take her to Sea World for her birthday.  

6. A mother

Amanda Brumfield is a mother herself. She has two children as well as a step-child. There's no news on what her defense is planning in her bid to get out of prison. 

7. The Change.org petition

Amanda's friends and family created a now-closed Change.org petitition asking to "overturn her conviction or grant an evidentiary hearing," and claiming she was wrongfully convicted. At the time it was closed, the petitition had 421 supporters.

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