Todd Barrick Jr. Looks Just Like 'Breaking Bad''s Walter White — And He's Wanted For Meth Possession

When life imitates art, or art imitates life!

Who Is Todd Barrick Jr.? New Details On Illinois Man Who Looks Like 'Breaking Bad''s Walter White And Is Wanted For Meth Possession Galesburg Police Department

The Illinois police could use your help in tracking down the man who, they say, looks just like Breaking Bad bad-good guy, Walter White. And, amazingly, he too has an addiction to meth! So who is Todd Barrick Jr., and what can you do to help the Illinois police track him down?

Here's what we know about this latest criminal to capture the American imagination?


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1. Technically, he just violated his probation. 

According to Oxygen, Todd Barrick Jr. really only just violated his probation. ("Only," of course, is subjective.) He was caught with meth by the police and he subsequently went on the run to avoid going to jail. 

2. Todd Barrick Jr.'s mugshot prompted the Breaking Bad comparisons.

"Barrick is wanted for violating his probation related to possession of methamphetamine, the department wrote on Facebook last Tuesday and online records show. Yet the mugshot quickly caught the eye of many for its nearly uncanny resemblance to "Walter White," the infamous main character on the hit AMC show Breaking Bad played by Bryan Cranston," reported ABC News.


3. The comments about the similarities immediately made the post go viral.

According to The New York Post, the picture of Todd Barrick Jr. immediately turned the post that the Galesburg, IL police department made about it into a viral post. As of this writing, it was shared over 100,000 times on Facebook, and of course, it's also become a top news story (which is why we're writing about it!).

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4. Todd Barrick Jr. doesn't just look like Walter White from Breaking Bad.

"The Galesburg Police Department in Illinois regularly posts mugshots of wanted people to its Facebook page but the post for Sept. 3, which featured 50-year-old Todd Barrick Jr., got extra attention. Barrick's mugshot shows him sporting glasses and a goatee, similar to the character played by Bryan Cranston on the AMC series. Barrick is also the same age as the Walter White character when the series begins," reported Fox News.


5. It's unclear what his original charges were.

According to, it's unclear what Todd Barrick Jr. was charged with in order to "violate probation." What's more: the Galesburg, IL police didn't return requests for comment in time for the stories to run.

6. It's also unclear whether Todd Barrick Jr. is in custody. 

The Inquistr reports that we, the public, still don't know whether Todd Barrick Jr. is in custody. But anyone with any information is encouraged to call the Galesburg, IL police. And there's no official statement about a reward, if any. 

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