Get To Know Nia Renee Hill — Wife Of Netflix Comedian Bill Burr

She's gorgeous, inside and out!

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Even though she's come to our attention thanks to the success of Bill Burr's latest comedy show for Netflix, Nia Renee Hill is someone who deserves as much recognition as her husband, and more.

So who is Bill Burr's wife, Nia Renee Hill?

Let's look at what we know about this amazing woman everyone has been talking about.

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1. She's a voice actor.

Nia Renee Hill is someone whose face may not be immediately recognizable. However, you've certainly heard her voice if you've seen the series F Is For Family, because she plays the role of Georgia Roosevelt.

What's more, Bill Burr — who's one of the creators of the show — reportedly wrote the character just for her!

2. Nia Renee Hill has been in the entertainment industry for a while. 

According to Nia Renee Hill's IMDB page, not only has she been both a voice actress and a "regular" actress, she's served as the talent coordinator for Chappelle’s Show and was a casting assistant for the TV series The Education of Max Bickford.


So, she's definitely someone who doesn't need a man to get her a job!

3. She has a daughter and son with Burr. 

"Burr has gotten married, had a kid, and found multi-platform success and a progressively bigger audience.

This, while continuing to occasionally dance on the razor’s edge of cancellation in an ever-intensifying wind tunnel as technology has found ways to bring us together and tear us apart," reported Uproxx. 

Their daughter was born in January 2017, and the couple welcomed a son in June 2020.

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4. Nia Renee Hill named their daughter Lola — and Bill Burr even changed a joke in Paper Tiger because of his daughter.

Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill's daughter was born in 2017 after waiting almost 10 years to have a child. 

"I’ll be honest with you: I had a different closer for this hour almost right until the night we taped. I called an audible because the joke was about my daughter being born and me feeling some crazy feelings, and I just thought it would hurt her feelings if she ever saw it.

It was more my issue, but I was just worried she wouldn’t process it that way. And I would never want to hurt her, so I was just like, ‘I don’t need to do that,'" Bill Burr told The Wrap.

5. Nia Renee Hill met Bill Burr when they were working for the same show. 

According to Celebrity Spouse, Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill first met when they were working on a comedy show together. They immediately hit it off, and Nia Renee Hill moved to Los Angeles to be with Bill Burr. The two were married in 2013 after many years of dating and aren't secretive about their relationship.


Hill has written about her experience as a Black woman in a relationship with a white man, as well as her feelings about having her husband be the breadwinner in the marriage (Bill Burr's net worth is currently estimated at around $8 million).

Nia Renee Hill is always incredibly supportive of Bill Burr's comedy specials and other appearances on social media.

6. Nia Renee Hill is an educated woman.

"Acting is in her blood. The future Bill Burr spouse got her education at Greenville school and then at Emerson College. As a student, Nia was very creative and did her best to boost her skills. She attended both fashion design and acting courses. The lady was also one of the members of drama society at school," reported Legit Magazine.


She's definitely a winner!

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