'90 Day Fiance' Star Tom Brooks' Ex Roucelle Stole The Show — Get To Know Her!

She's definitely an interesting character, that's for sure!

Who Is Tom Brooks' Ex Roucelle? New Details On The Ex-Girlfriend Who Stole The Show On 90-Day Fiancé TLC

On last Sunday's episode of 90-Day Fiance, the devoted audience had a chance to meet a woman who used to date Tom Brooks, the current boo of fan-favorite Darcey Silva. Needless to say, she stole the show. Who is Roucelle, the ex-girlfriend of Tom Brooks?

Let's look at what we know about this scene-stealer. 


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1. Not much is known about her, and she's a bit of a cipher. 

According to Romper, finding information on Roucelle is very difficult. Little was revealed about her on the show, and she doesn't seem to have any public social media accounts for devoted fans to follow. 



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2. Tom Brooks revealed to Roucelle that he doesn't think his relationship with Darcey is going to work. 

"Roucelle thought Darcey seemed "really nice," but she told Tom that she couldn't picture them together once Darcey left the table to go to the bathroom. Tom couldn't admit he was in love, and Roucelle insisted Tom wasn't "emotionally capable" of feeling that way or embracing his emotions," reports Reality TV World.


3. Despite Roucelle's curiosity about the relationship, Tom Brooks challenged Darcey Silva's ex-boyfriend, Jesse Meester, to a boxing match. 

According to Soap Dirt, even though Tom Brooks comes across as cold and aloof on 90-Day Fiance, he clearly had enough passion about Darcey Silva to challenge her ex-boyfriend, Jesse Meester, to a fight. Ooh, Messy Jesse!

Here's what went down: as fans of the show know, Tom Brooks claims that he's an entrepreneur who lives a "luxe" life. After all, he talks about going on yachting vacations to the Canary Islands all the time, right? Except there's just one problem: recently, it was revealed that he not only was posting "flexing" pictures on Instagram, he stole them from other people who actually were living the "luxe" life he was bragging about. When confronted, Tom Brooks deleted the pictures & claimed they were "promo shots." Ooh, Messy Tom!

That's when Messy Jesse showed why he got the Messy Jesse nickname when he started posting the #JesseWasRight hashtag. That hashtag caused Tom Brooks to challenge Jesse Meester to a boxing match. How petty! How messy! How great for ratings!

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4. There's some question as to whether Roucelle actually dated Tom Brooks. 

"Roucelle and Tom never dated. They only knew each other for about a year and had lunch together. But on the show, Tom claimed that he has known Roucelle for over 5 years. They were friends first and then they started dating. He described his situation as two friends dating and then realizing that they were better off as friends. However, we can see how insecure and overly dramatic Darcey is about her relationship with Tom," reports TV Season Spoilers, citing the @FraudedByTLC Instagram account as their source.

5. There's also some question as to whether Tom Brooks and Darcey Silva are still together. 

According to The International Business Times, Darcey Silva recently posted an inspirational quote on Instagram, where she strongly implied — but did not outright say — that she and Tom Brooks had split up. The outlet reports that people came to this conclusion when Darcey posted about "feeling free" and looking for her "true soulmate." 


6. And let's not leave out Messy Jesse!

"In a tweet, one fan said that Jesse deserves some kind of award for dealing with Darcey as long as he did. Jesse acknowledged that in his response. It seems he wants Darcey to stop stalking him as his prize. In addition, Jesse said he also wants her to stop pretending he still wants anything to do with her. Jesse Meester went on to mention legal action, and said his lawyer had to “stop it”. This isn’t the first time Jesse referenced taking legal action against his former girlfriend. Back in August Jesse detailed some of the things he went through on account of Darcey on Instagram. And, he mentioned the stalking yet again and how his lawyer had to get involved," reports a separate story for Soap Dirt.

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