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Get To Know Chrissy Marshall — Deaf TikTok Star Inspiring People To Learn Sign Language

Photo: Tik Tok
 Who Is Chrissy Marshall? New Details On The Deaf TikTok Star Inspiring People To Learn Sign Language

When it comes to people you need to know, Chrissy Marshall has become the latest figure at the forefront of disability rights. As a member of the deaf community, the teen has shined light on the power of community inclusion in a recent TikTok video, which has since went viral and garnered widespread media attention. 

Does her name not ring a bell for you? Fear not: read on for more details about the 19-year-old who is using her platform and influence for good. Who is Chrissy Marshall?

1. Chrissy Marshall is a LA-based content creator who became deaf in high school.

She was born hard of hearing before completely losing her hearing a few years ago. According to her YouTube bio, she is passionate about creating, experimenting and learning — passions that have ignited her to pursue an undergraduate education in film and digital media. 

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2. She creates content on YouTube and TikTok about her disability and American Sign Language.

Through dedicated content creation, Marshall is an incredible advocate for the deaf community. She uses both platforms to share her personal experiences, and shine light on the deaf community, accessibility and related topics. Marshall did speech therapy for 13 years, and has communicated with ASL (American Sign Language) for eight years. She credits ASL with helping her communicate with others more comfortably, opening doors that had once been closed. 

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3. Her rise to fame came when she uploaded video to Tik Tok about a special day she recently had.

In the clip, she recounts the joy she felt of encountering three people who signed to her in ASL. For her, it was a major win in terms of inclusivity and acceptance. The video has since been reposted on Twitter and has amassed five million views alone. 

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4. The video has been hailed as a major win for the deaf community.

The trending video has sparked discussion on the importance of ASL and disability rights. Ultimately, it has empowered Marshall with a voice to educate and inspire both hearing and deaf communities alike. Many on social media have already vowed to learn ASL after watching the clip, which is what Marshall’s mission is all about.

5. As a result, Marshall was recently interviewed by Buzzfeed News.

Since the video went viral, Marshall has made headlines in the media. She was recently featured on Buzzfeed News, where she had the opportunity to discuss her content and the deaf community.

6. What’s next for Chrissy Marshall?

It’s obvious that the people love Marshall: she’s kind and wholesome, yet inspiring and powerful. She’s slowly, but surely gaining traction from her regularly produced content; and we can all agree that she’ll continue spreading hope and awareness in such a profound way. All in all, everyone can learn a thing or two from Marshall in this day and age.

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