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Manhunt Underway For Canadian White Supremacist Who's Believed To Be Dangerous And In U.S. Illegally

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Who Is Patrik Mathews? New Details On Canadian White Supremacist Believed To Be IN U.S. Illegally

These days it's easy to think of terrorist activity by white men and go immediately to the cases that we hear about all too often in the United States. But believe it or not, even in Canada neo-Nazis and white supremacists are taking refuge. Who is Patrik Mathews? He's a former soldier from Canada who recently vanished after being outed for his involvement in a dangerous neo-Nazi group. His car was found near the U.S. border in Manitoba leading authorities to believe that he could have fled to America. 

1. Patrik Mathews Is Missing

A former Canadian army reservist named Patrik Mathews is missing from his native land of Canada. According to the Manitoba Mounties, his car was recently located near Piney, which is in the south of Manitoba very close to the United States border. It's believed to have been there for about a week which would align with Patrik's disappearance. Now, usually, a missing Canadian who is suspected of having entered the United States isn't really a big deal. But in this case, it is. That's because Mathews left the army when allegations were made that he was an active member of a neo-Nazi group. Hence the concern that he is now in our country, which seems to have become a place that nurtures the ideologies of dangerous white supremacists. No, I'm not bitter, just deeply sad. 

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2. Patrik And The Base 

Two weeks ago, Patrick, who was serving as a combat engineer with the 38 Canadian Brigade Group, appeared in a news story. In this article, he was connected to a prominent neo-Nazi group. The group he was rumored to be connected to is called "The Base." If you aren't familiar, consider yourself lucky. The Base has a website and chatroom where like-minded terrorists get together to plan acts of violence and to share tips for how to survive the race wars that they believe are coming. When Patrik, 26, learned that he had been implicated for his involvement with the group itself, he made the decision to leave the army and the army  went ahead and allowed him to leave the reserves. 

3. The Two Investigations

The army decided to issue its own investigation into the allegations made against Patrik and made sure that everyone knew he was in possession of no uniforms and had been issued no weapons from the army. In addition to this investigation, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are conducting one of their own. They aren't just looking into Patrik, either, but several others who were implicated in the story that is currently making the rounds in Winnipeg. The RCMP has already raided one house in the area and took away several weapons that they found stockpiled there. They also are continuing to search for Patrik, treating his disappearance as a missing persons case. Currently, he is not wanted on any charges. 

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4. Wanted And Dangerous

While the authorities have continued to make it clear that there are not any charges currently issued against Patrik, he is still a dangerous individual simply because of the amount of stress that this entire ordeal has likely placed on his shoulders. One could argue that he could have avoided this stress by not associating with monsters, but hey, maybe that's just me. "The RCMP believe Mr. Mathews may be under a significant amount of pressure due to this ongoing investigation and the extensive media coverage it has garnered. Anyone who sees him is asked to call police immediately and to avoid engaging with him," said a press release issued by the authorities. 

5. What Is The Base?

The Base was started by one, you guessed it, white man. While his real name and identity are unknown, he has gone by a few different handles for Base concerns, Roman Wolf and Norman Spear among them. Norman, as I will be calling him, claims that he is a war vet who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. He says that he started The Base as a place to bring together neo-Nazis. Well, at least the sh*thead is transparent, so that's something. Norman, in an interview on YouTube about his "National Socialist" ideological preferences, said that "It's a system of government and society as a whole...that is inherently beneficial to whites. I’m not really sure any other race could pull it off." He also in the same interview referred to Nazi Germany as "the good ol' days." 

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6. What To Look For

If you live near the border please keep an eye out for Mathews. He is 180 pounds and is 5'10 with blonde hair and blue eyes. There are Facebook posts circulating currently that say he is wanted in connection with a murder in Canada, and while those posts are totally inaccurate, it is still considered dangerous to approach the man directly. Instead, please contact your local police or the RCMP. Patrik's involvement with the group The Base was discovered when he was caught in the act of putting up recruitment fliers around the city that read: Save Your Race, Join The Base. It's also worthy of note that while the army in Canada didn't give him any weapons if he's made it to the States, we all know just how easy it will be for him to get his hands on one or more. 

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