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Talinda Bennington Gets Engaged Two Years After Chester Bennington's Death — Meet Her Fiancé Michael F

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Who Is Talinda Bennington's Fiancé ? New Details On Chester Bennington's Wife's Engagement Two Years After His Death

Two years ago, Chester Bennington's suicide shook the rock community to the core. The Linkin Park singer died when he hung himself, leaving behind six children (three of them with his now-widow, Talinda Bennington). But just two years after Chester Bennington killed himself, Talinda Bennington announced her engagement. Who is Talinda Bennington's fiancé

Let's look at what we know about this "mystery man."

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1. Though she is engaged to Michael F., she still thinks of Chester Bennington as her "soulmate."

According to Morning Picker, even though she is engaged to Michael F. and refers to him as her "angel on Earth," she still views Chester Bennington as her "soulmate." We're not sure if that's something that this new man can accept, but if he still goes forward with the marriage, then it stands to reason that he's very understanding. 

2. Talinda Bennington got support from Chester's former bandmates. 

"Chester’s former Linkin Park bandmate, Mike Shinoda commented on Talinda’s post and shared his support. “I’ve already congratulated you both in person, but congrats again, ha! All our love and support!” he wrote," according to In Touch Weekly. 

3. Mike Shinonda's wife, Anna, also expressed her support for the couple. 

"Mike's wife Anna added: "I am so very happy for you and Michael! I've watched you go from being paralyzed with grief, to honoring that grief by using it to change the way we view mental health, to honouring life and allowing yourself to love and be loved again. When it comes to emotion, our hearts are wonderful organs indeed, expanding and allowing new love to exist in the same place as the deep ache of grief. I cannot wait to celebrate on your wedding day with you," reported The Lad Bible.

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4. Unfortunately, some Linkin Park fans weren't as supportive. 

According to Us Weekly, some fans of Linkin Park weren't as supportive of Talinda Bennington as the band themselves. The outlet reports that more than a few fans believe that she moved on too fast, and they weren't exactly sending her well-wishes for her upcoming wedding. 

5. But Talinda Bennington said that she'll always honor Chester Bennington's memory.

"I will continue to honor Chester and continue my life’s mission to make his passing not in vein (sic). To all suicide loss survivors, you CAN be happy again. You CAN have space in your heart for grief, joy, happiness, sadness, and love. Thank you for ALL of your continued love and support, Talinda,” she wrote, according to JustJared.

6. Nothing else is known about "Michael F." except his name.

The Mirror reports that nothing else is known about "Michael F." except for his name. Perhaps Talinda Bennington did that to protect him. Whatever the case, congratulations are in order for the new couple!

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