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Meet Mia Johansson — The Alleged Madam Who Provided Drugs And Prostitutes To Mac Miller

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Who Is Mia Johansson? New Details On The Alleged Madam Who Provided Prostitutes To Mac Miller

Rapper Mac Miller died almost a year ago but we are learning more and more about his final hours this week. Cameron Pettit was charged in the rapper's death by overdose and will stand trial for one count of distributing a controlled substance. The drugs Pettit provided to Miller were fake oxycodone tablets that contained the painkiller fentanyl. Fentanyl is extremely dangerous and has been implicated in multiple overdose deaths. The drugs turned out to be lethal.

Pettit wasn't Miller's only supplier the night he died. When Pettit was too slow with delivery, Miller reached out to Mia Johannson and asked her to send over drugs. She was agreeable and suggested she send a girl named Karla over with them. Karla was also available to provide sexual services at $700 per hour.

So far Johannson hasn't been charged with any crimes but records of text messages between her and Miller make it clear that she had been sending him drugs and sex workers for a while. Who is Mia Johannson? Read on for all the details.

1. Bikini model and mom

Based on Johansson's social media feeds, she has had a number of different hustles over the past few years. In 2013, she posted to Facebook saying that she was featured in Natural Magazine International because she had just won a fitness competition. At that time, she said her life revolved around “around fitness, nutrition, and exercise. I strongly believe consistency is key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.” She still posts about working out and shares a lot of inspirational messages on her Instagram feed. She also recently had a baby girl and has plenty of pictures of her little daughter. In 2018, she posted a selfie at work. She was behind a desk at a plastic surgery office in LA called Rockstar Beauty, where she evidently works for a surgeon called Navanjun S. Grewal, MD.


A post shared by miamouse8 (@miamouse8) on Jun 21, 2018 at 11:06pm PDT

She worked for a plastic surgeon.

2.  Dealing on the side

Johansson's social feeds don't show what else she does: dealing with drugs and acting as a madam for sex workers. According to the court documents unsealed this week, text messages between Johannson, Miller, and Pettit reveal that all of them knew each other for a least several months before Miller's death. The conversations talk openly about Johannson and Pettit providing drugs to Miller on demand and Johannson refers to sending girls to Miller as well. Johannson apparently introduced MIller to Pettit, based on a group text where she wrote "Cam — I included by boy Mac in this message — take care of him."

In one text exchange between Miller and Johannson, he asked her for drugs because Pettit couldn't get there fast enough. They went back and forth about whether or not Johannson should send someone else to bring Miller drugs: 

Miller: “…are you close to the cribbo.”

Johansson: “Huh?…I’m at my house why wats up hun.”

Miller: “cam (Pettit) just at work another 30.”

Johansson: “I’m out love.”

Johansson: “Do you want me to see if my other boy can come now or you waiting for Cameron.”

Miller: “See what the deal with him is…just need a quick g.”

Johansson: “OK.”

Miller: “Muchos gracias…Anything?”

Johansson: “No hun sorry.”

Miller: “All good I can wait on cam.”

In another text exchange in August 2018, Johannson sent Miller photos of a woman and said: "I can go $600 for the blonde." Miller indicated that he was interested in paying for sex services and would get back to Johannson. Later that night, they arranged for a woman to come to Miller for sex services. 

3. "I'll give you the g for free if you book a girl"

On the night of September 5, 2018, Miller reached out to Pettit asking him to bring drugs to him in the recording studio. He asked for a selection of oxycodone, Xanax and cocaine but shortly after the text conversation about the drugs, Pettit stopped responding, according to court documents. Impatient, Miller texted Johannson and asked her what she could sell him. They went back and forth but ultimately, she offered to send over oxycodone, Adderall, Xanax and Norco pills. She also said she would throw in two grams of cocaine for free if Miller booked a girl, presumably a sex worker. Johannson totalled up the order in a text saying "5 oxy $150 ($30 each) 5 bars $25 ($5 each) 5 Norco $50 ($10 each) 10 Addy $100 ($10 each) 2 g's FREE Girl $700. Total $1025."

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4. Pettit comes through

Despite placing an order for drugs with Johannson, Miller didn't cancel the order he had with Pettit and when Pettit finally texted that he was on his way, Miller went ahead and bought the drugs he supplied. Based on the evidence retrieved from the scene later, Miller only took the drugs that Pettit sent over. The drugs supplied by Johansson were still on the scene. 

5. Tallying up the night

Hours later, Johannson checked back in with Miller about how much money he owed her. Karla, the sex worker who went over at Johannson's behest had ended up staying for hours and Johannson adjusted what Miller owed her accordingly. In a text, she said "$325 pills. Normally it would have been $3500 for Karla but I'll take it from $700 per hour to $600 so only 3K and also I got you on the white. Total $3325. Hope you had a great night? LMK how you wanna square up hun xx."

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6. Investigation into everyone involved

After Miller's death, investigators looked at Johannson and Karla Amador, in connection with the events leading up to his overdose. Their homes and cars were searched but they haven't been charged so far. One Instagram commenter suspects she cut a deal with authorities. She posted a photo of herself and Miller and people hopped into her comments saying she had a role in killing him.  One user noted "As much as everyone is wishing this girl go to jail she isn’t going to ! They already said they aren’t charging her . She gave up @lil.cambamto get a deal. So she’s clear she ain’t gunna do no time unfortunately."


A post shared by miamouse8 (@miamouse8) on Jul 21, 2019 at 4:40pm PDT

Johannson posted this photo on July 21, 2019 and the comments are highly critical.

There is no evidence that she cut a deal with authorities at this time but the case is on-going. 

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