Get To Know Payton Moormeier, TikTok's Biggest Star And Subject Of Recent Celebrity Death Hoax

He already has over 4 million followers!

Get To Know Payton Moormeier, TikTok's Biggest Star And Subject Of Recent Celebrity Death Hoax DisobeyArt / shutterstock

Social media stars come once in a generation, and for this generation, it seems as though TikTok stars are the latest big deal. But this particular TikTok star is taking the new social media platform by storm. Who is Payton Moormeier, and why is he such a big hit?

Let's look at what we know about this latest superstar.


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1. He was recently the subject of a death hoax. 

According to HITCPayton Moormeier was recently the subject of a death hoax, something that happens to celebrities more and more as the popularity of social media increases. Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and Billy Joel have also been the targets of death hoaxes but Payton Moormeier is the first TikTok star, to our knowledge, that has been the target of a death hoax.

2. Payton Moormeier is one of the top 11 TikTok stars. 

"Payton Moormeier has risen from the top 1,500 to the top 100 people on Famous Birthdays since the start of 2019," reports Business Insider, who add that he also has more than 300,000 YouTube subscribers. 


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3. TikTok is a platform owned by a huge Chinese company. 

According to The Atlantic, even though TikTok is one of the most popular platforms for "Gen Z" in the United States, it's owned by a huge company in China. It was actually one of the most popular social media platforms in China before it entered the United States market. The platform is very similar to Vine, in that it allows users to upload quick videos (about 5 seconds long) to share with their followers. 

4. Payton Moormeier had to take to Instagram to deny the rumors of his death. 

"Payton shared the report on his supposed demise in an Instagram story and commented, "What the hell is this?" But how did the rumors come about? Just hours before the article was posted, he posted several videos of a trip to Venice Beach, Los Angeles, with friends. This joke documented by him could have been the trigger for the hoax in which it was said that the alleged car accident near the destination mentioned by Payton on a highway in Santa Monica was an accident," reports the German outlet Promiflash. 

5. His TikTok videos often feature other stars of the popular platform. 

According to Famous Birthdays, Payton Moormeier's TikTok videos often feature other famous stars of the platform, including Anthony Reeves, Jaden Hossler, and Avani Gregg. 


6. Payton Moormeier is represented by Vivid Management. 

Vivid's official website sells exclusive Payton Moormeier merch, and they represent a series of other social media stars including Josh Richards, Jackson Felt, and Griffin Johnson. 

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