Meet Bri Barnes — All The Deets On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star And Her Fake Australian Accent

The former 'Bachelor' star has made her presence known in this season's 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

Who Is Bri Barnes? New Details On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star And Her Fake Australian Accent Instagram

We haven't seen the last of Bachelor alum, Bri Barnes yet. She's on the quest for love yet again, joining this season's Bachelor in Paradise for a potential honey to bring back to the mainland. From what we've seen so far, the model, who claims her biggest dating fear is farting too loudly, is already shaking things up, wreaking havoc on what we thought were stable relationships and making her mark this season. You're probably wondering, who is Bri Barnes? If you're in desperate need of a recap, then keep reading for all the details about the franchise's once short-lived, now hottest star to know. 


1. Bri is a model from Los Angeles.

Bri Barnes has been posing in front of the camera since she was 14. In 2014, she signed with the LA-based modeling company, Newmark, and has since landed impressive gigs with brands including Show Me Your Mumu, Windsor Store and more. Just recently, she went to Stagecoach with Pacsun, a clear indication that her career has no signs of slowing down. 


2. She’s best known for fake Australian accent on Colton’s season of The Bachelor.

In an effort to stand out against the competition, Barnes turned full-blown Aussie, and the fandom let the little white lie slide. In fact, everyone was highly impressed with the bold strategy. During their intros, Colton asked where she was from, to which she replied “the accent is Australian, I was hoping that you’re kind of a sucker of accents.” It was brilliant; but sadly, the accent plot didn’t go too far. While fans adored Barnes, Colton eliminated her by week three.

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3. In an exclusive interview on Entertainment Tonight, Bri Barnes revealed her Bachelor Nation crushes.

Though she stated that she thinks the Bachelor Nation is filled with many attractive suitors, she said that she only has her eyes set on former alums, Ben Higgins and Wells Adams. Since they're both taken, she also added that she thinks Dean Unglert is a cutie, aka the hot-mess express who is currently repairing his love connection with Caelynn Miller-Keyes on Bachelor in Paradise. Obviously, these contenders are off the market, so she won’t be having any smooch-time with them any time soon.

4. It seems like she isn't buddy-buddy with former Bachelor contestants. 

Fans have speculated that based on her Instagram, she doesn't have a ton of besties from Bachelor Nation. The franchise tends to stick as a pack, hanging out, attending events, and taking photos with one another. Barnes is relatively separate from the crew, which makes sense considering it's difficult to form deep bonds on a short-lived competition show. Simply put, it looks like she does her own thing, or at least doesn't pose with the alumni every five minutes.

5. She’s making waves on season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise.

We’re happy to say that she’s stirring the pot on the beach, bringing viewers much-needed drama on our TV screens. Love triangles seem to be popular in this franchise, so it's no surprise that Barnes takes part in the action. Making quite the impression, she falls right smack in the middle of a love affair between Matt Donald, from Hannah Brown’s season, and Sydney Lotuaco. The romance between Lotuaco and Donald was b progressing until he began to fancy Miss Barnes upon her arrival (and can you blame him?). The result: he ends up choosing her with a coveted rose, sending Lotuaco to pack her bags solo.

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6. What's next for Bri Barnes?

Barnes appeared rather late this season, so we won't be seeing much of her. Plus, she and Matt Donald already cut the chord on their relationship, which has us asking: now what? Perhaps, their situation will become a Dean Unglert saga, with Donald begging for a second chance at her doorstop. That would make for good television, generating tons of fan buzz and media conversation. Better yet, will Lotuaco return with a vengeance? No one knows for sure. Luckily for us, we'll find out more at the reunion, so stay tuned!

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