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Dillon The Hacker Reportedly Dead At 20 — Is He Or Isn't He?

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Is Dillon The Hacker Dead? New Details On Reported Death Of The Famous YouTuber At 20

YouTube drama is nothing but a hot mess. On August 29, 2019, known provocateur PewDiePie took to his Twitter, in a now-deleted tweet, to announce that his "enemy" was dead.

But is he really? Is Dillon The Hacker dead? 

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Let's look at what we know about this bit of YouTube drama, and let's see if we can determine if Dillon The Hacker is alive or dead. 

1. He's been known to troll audiences in the past. 

Dillon The Hacker (real name: Dillon Henderson) has punked his audience with rumors of his demise in the past. Until PewDiePie talked about Dillon The Hacker's death, many of Dillon's fans thought that his absence from YouTube was just another example of them getting punked. 

2. Dillon The Hacker reportedly passed away in July 2019. 

Dillon The Hacker reportedly passed away in late July 2019. It's unusual that it took almost a whole month, in a media-intensive world, for someone to acknowledge the death of a public figure. 

3. PewDiePie is a known provocateur. 

While we'd all like to simply take PewDiePie at his word, he's a known provocateur and liar who isn't shy about using racial slurs to make his point. That gave us all cause for pause about these claims. 

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4. Dillon The Hacker's parents didn't want to make the news public. 

Dillon The Hacker's parents didn't want to make the news of their son's demise public. Dillon's last tweet was on July 28th, 2019. 

5. Is Dillon The Hacker dead? Details about his death are hard to come by. 

Reports could neither confirm nor deny rumors of his death, and nothing is known about its circumstances. The only thing people know about his death is the postings on social media from his friends.

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