Brooke Burke's New Boyfriend Accused Of Abuse By Ex-Wife Heather LaCombe

He denies the allegations.

Brooke Burke's New Boyfriend Accused Of Abuse By Ex-Wife Heather LaCombe getty

In Hollywood, there are more divorces than there are cat memes on the Internet. Though there are couples who have been together forever (if Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar divorce, I swear...), many celebrities tie the knot more than once. But as is normal, moving on after a divorce opens the door to new relationships.

For actress, model and dancer Brooke Burke, after her second divorce, this time from actor David Charvet, she’s started a new relationship. Burke, 47, was spotted with a mystery man vacationing in Malibu, holding hands on the beach. 


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Who is Scott Rigsby? Burke began dating the real estate agent not too long ago. A source for Us Weekly said the couple were “very into each other” and Burke was “rubbing his back.”


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This comes one month after Burke opened up to OK! Magazine about her dating life. She told the publication in an interview, “I’m dating myself... It’s hard out there. I’m a really private person and I spend a lot of time with my kids. I still believe in love and I have an open heart, but I’m very private, particular, discreet, and healthy. It’s going to take someone really special.”

Last year, she revealed what life was like following her separation in an interview with Extra:


“It’s kind of interesting. Everyone is calling it ‘the situation,’ but you know, it’s time to embrace it, and it was necessary and it’s really not about sadness or giving up, it’s about knowing when to let go as a woman, trying to make the best of a challenging situation.

I'm raising a family, and David and I have a lot of love and respect for one another, so it’s like walking into a new chapter with an open mind and trying to make it positive... and it’s hard... It’s new and unfamiliar and a lot of adjusting, but I’m doing it for happiness, right?”

But now, Rigby’s ex-wife has accused him of domestic violence, emotional and verbal abuse, and threats of revenge porn. 

Rigby and interior designer, Heather LaCombe, settled their divorce just last month after a nasty battle. Rigsby was ordered to pay LaCombe $400,000 in the settlement and $8,500 in monthly child support for their two children, whom they agreed to share legal and joint custody of.

Now, LaCombe has been granted a domestic violence restraining order for herself, her kids, and her boyfriend, Todd Thompson. She claims that Rigsby threatened to send Thompson sexually explicit photos and videos.


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According to legal papers filed by LaCombe:

“Respondent told me that he has taken videotapes of me without my knowledge while he was ‘f***ing me in the a**... ' Respondent told me that he was prepared to release and send such video recordings to Todd...

His threat of releasing tapes particularly to someone I am seeing romantically is unacceptable and criminal. After making this threat, Respondent continued to humiliate and emotionally abuse me by telling me that I enjoyed getting ‘f***ed in the a**,’ and that he enjoyed giving it to me this way. He told me ‘I’m going to make sure your boyfriend knows that.’”

She claims her ex-husband abused her during the marriage when their children were nearby, and described an incident of assault in June 2017. LaCombe says that when she arrived home, while the children were with the babysitter, Rigsby verbally attacked her, yelling, “Where the f**k were you?”


Then, according to her:

“Respondent followed me into the bathroom and continued with his harassment. Respondent then took our son and shoved him back into his room, forcing the door shut and then holding it closed on him while proceeding with yet another verbal assault upon me.

The fact that Respondent would behave in this manner in front of the children and/or while the children are present within the home causes me grave concern. I do not believe the children are safe with Respondent in that he clearly lacks self-control and parental judgement, knowing full well that they are present within the home and within earshot when he rants and raves.”

Records indicate that the former couple’s daughter testified in court during the restraining order hearings. The court granted the request, which expired in June 2019. 

Rigsby responded to the claims, saying he never abused his ex-wife or children, and that LaCombe asked for a restraining order in retaliation.


“I vehemently deny all of the allegations Heather set forth in her Aug 2017 request for DVRO (domestic violence restraining order). In fact, during our 10-year marriage, there has been no history of abuse. The police have never been contacted in response to claims of abuse. Heather has not reported any purported abuse to the officials; and I have never physically, mentally, or emotionally abused Heather or our children,” he said in a declaration.

For now, it appears that Burke is enjoying her new romance with Rigsby, despite the allegations brought on by his ex. As long as the children are the main priority, that’s all that matters.

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