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'Alaskan Bush People' Star Rain Brown Addresses Rumors She's Gay

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'Alaskan Bush People' Star Rain Brown Addresses Rumors She's Gay

This Alaskan Bush People star has made headlines since she first appeared on the small screen — but now, she's making headlines thanks to rumors of her sexuality. Is Rain Brown gay? 

Let's look at what we know about this scene-stealer. 

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1. She frequently gushes about her dog. 

According to In Touch Weekly, Rain Brown is someone who — like many millennials and Gen Zers — gushes about her dog. Her little pooch is a black Pomeranian named Jakson Maine, and she credits him for giving her confidence and teaching her patience. 

2. Rain Brown seems to be very sensitive. 

According to Pop Culture, Rain Brown is frequently taking to Instagram to share her deep thoughts. She often shares her thoughts about "happier times," and is much more vulnerable than the more "rugged" members of her family. 

3. She's become a bit of a motivational speaker. 

"In the past, the 16-year-old has used Instagram as a platform to speak about her depression and share what it's really like being on a reality show. Once, she even sparked engagement rumors with a suspicious photo of a ring on *that* finger (but quickly shut them down). Rain is known for being very open with her followers through her lengthy captions and is a self-proclaimed "inspirational writer." Recently, the teenager lived up to that title with an emotional post addressed "to anyone that feels like giving up," reported Country Living

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4. Rain Brown's sister-in-Law is pansexual.

According to a report for In Touch Weekly, Rain Brown's sister-in-law, Raiven — who is Bear Brown's lady — has come out as "pansexual," which may be where people got the notion that Rain Brown, herself, was gay. 

5. People started questioning Rain Brown's sexuality in the comments of her Instagram page. 

"It was in the comments section that followers began to speculate. “Are you gay?” one asked, while another added, “I have wondered the same thing but she never answers questions so you can only judge by appearance and the statement that she said she can’t get her hair short enough and all the rainbows on her posts," reported yet another report for In Touch Weekly.

6. Rain Brown has made clear that she's straight.

According to Radar Online, Rain Brown has made clear that she's straight. However, she doesn't find anything wrong with people who aren't straight. 

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