Cristy West Reveals L.A. Laker Player Demarcus Cousins Threatened To Kill Her

Demarcus Cousins allegedly threatened to put a bullet through her head.

Who Is Cristy West? New Details On Demacus Cousins' Ex Who Threatened To Kill Her Instagram

Cristy West, the ex-girlfriend of Los Angeles Lakers center Demarcus Cousins, filed a police report stating that Cousins threatened her life. According to West, Cousins made the threat when she refused to allow their son to attend his wedding ceremony with Morgan Lang. TMZ Sports obtained a phone call between the two that reveals the eruption, which has since been shared by many top-tier media outlets. Who is Christy West?


Here’s all the details you need to know about Christy West, so you’re in the loop.

1. Cristy West grew up with Demarcus Cousins.

They grew up in Mobile, Alabama, along with her current boyfriend, Jimmie Ward. West dated Ward on and off for a number of years before she got together with Cousins. Sounds like a love triangle for sure.


2. Cristy West is now dating Jimmie Ward.

As I previously mentioned, the two have always had a thing for each other; and just this past July, news broke that West and Ward are officially an item. Unlike Cousins, Ward plays for the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL. I'm sure Cousins is thrilled about their budding romance (sarcasm). 

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3. Cristy West is a college graduate.

West is a physical science graduate of Auburn University at Montgomery, a top-rated university in Montgomery, Alabama. Notable alumni include Octavia Spencer, Perry O. Hooper Jr. and Michael Ritch among others.

4. Demarcus Cousins and Cristy West have a seven-year-old son together.

Amir was born in 2012 when the couple were allegedly not together. In the past, Cristy took her son to see his father play. Since the incident, Cristy has filed a protective order against Cousins, and she wants to limit Cousins to supervised visits. 


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5. Demarcus Cousins is not expected to play in the 2019/2020 season.

Cousins tore his ACL earlier this month during an offseason workout, meaning he will be off the court this season. Nothing has been released on whether or not Cousins will face NBA suspension due to the allegations made by West. 

6. The Los Angeles Lakers released a statement on the incident. 

The Lakers issued a statement on Tuesday, saying: “We are aware of the allegation involving DeMarcus Cousins and, of course, take this claim seriously. We are in the process of gathering information and will reserve further comment at this time.” The public eye has been running wild with this story, making memes, tweets, and posts airing their thoughts and opinions. No matter whose side you’re on, this case will more than likely get ugly on both sides; and we’ll continue to be updated by numerous outlets on how this will all unfold.

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