RIP Sara Hudson — Dallas Woman Murdered And Left In Burning Car On 22nd Birthday

Her life was stolen.

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When a person is murdered, the unfortunate aftermath that follows it sadly becomes far, far too easy for the victim's face, their life, their story to become eclipsed by the terrible thing that happened to them, and by the terrible person who did it. Who is Sara Hudson? She was a young woman from Texas who was murdered on her 22nd birthday. We will talk about the events that caused her death and yes, even say the name of the man who killed her, but this isn't a story about a murderer, it's a story about a human being: Sara Elizabeth Hudson. 


1. The Murder Of Sara Hudson

Sara Hudson turned 22-years-old on the day that died. She was murdered after an evening of celebrating her special day with her friends in Dallas, Texas. It was August 19th, 2019 and she was taken so quickly and senselessly that her family is reeling. Just three days after her murder, the police arrested a former Lyft driver and charged him with her capital murder. Glen Richter approached her as she was getting out of her car, forced her into his own vehicle with a gun, forced her to get money from an ATM, and shot her in the back of the head, leaving her to die as the car went up in flames. 


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2. Her Family's Statement 

Richter was arrested when fingerprints and security footage revealed his role in the crime. Sara's family has released the following statement: "This is an unspeakable tragedy. Sara was a young woman of immense talent and immeasurable potential. She was beloved by all who knew her and deeply touched everyone she met. The world is a more precious place because of her and sadder now without her. While her amazing potential may be lost, we have much to learn from how Sara lived each day based on hope, love, and kindness. We miss her and will love her always.”

3. Sara Growing Up 

Sara Elizabeth Hudson was born in the city where she died: Dallas, Texas, on August 19th, 1997 and while she left the state to study for a spell, she always considered it her true home. She attended high school at Cushing Academy, a private boarding school in Massachusetts. She even spent a little bit of her high school education studying in California. For college, she crossed the Mason-Dixon line once more and attended the University of Arkansas where she graduated this past Maay with an undergraduate degree in marketing. 


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4. Sara's First Big Job

Sara was eager to return home to Dallas with her new diploma in hand. She was one of the lucky ones, a recent college grad who was quickly snatched up by an employer. Sara went to work for Schneider Transportation as a Logistics Sales Account Executive where, in her brief tenure, she made a tremendous impact. They released the following statement regarding her passing: “We’re saddened by the shocking and tragic loss of a Schneider associate from our Dallas brokerage office. We are cooperating with local law enforcement in their investigation of this incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with the associate’s family, friends and co-workers during this difficult time.”

5. How Her Friends Remember 

Sara will be remembered by many people. Sara enjoyed a real passion for being outside. Her family shared that fly fishing was one of her favorite activities. Her family also shared that some of her best memories were of the time she spent fly fishing with her family in Montana during summer breaks from school. She was even an officer in the University of Arkansas' fly fishing club. Her friend Sam Meaders said: “She used to film her trips with her friends and made really cool videos about them. She was such a nice person that even though I wasn’t on the fly fishing team she would invite me to come out to their camping trips.”


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6. Those Who Are Left Behind 

While Sara is gone, that is not the only tragedy. The other level of devastation is that she left so many people who adored her behind. Her parents, Laura Sacco and Andrew Hudson, and her brother, Brandon, along with several other members of her extended family. One of her aunts, Angela Aragon, cannot even begin to fathom the loss: “I want to know what evil entered into her life. What cut this brilliant girl’s career and life so short? Never did she wake up on that day think that this would be her last day on earth. Whoever preyed upon her they preyed upon a beautiful human being.”

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