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Yaya Gil Demanded Justice For Dead Boyfriend — Now She's Under Arrest For His Murder

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Who Is Yaya Gil? New Details On Mom Who Demanded Justice For Murdered Boyfriend Now Accused Of Killing Him

She tearfully pleaded with the public to help bring justice to her murdered boyfriend. Now, however, she stands accused of killing him. Who is Yaya Gil?

Here's what we know about this accused murderer. 

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She initially told a local journalist that her boyfriend was murdered. 

In a Facebook post, local journalist Chris Jose claimed that Yaya Gil initially told him that her boyfriend and the father of her children was murdered just "feet away from her" as she peacefully watched The Lion King. Her boyfriend, George Vela, subsequently died in her arms. And it was his death that kicked off her quest for justice. 

Yaya Gil was subsequently charged, along with two other people, with murder and assault. 

"Yainerys “Yaya” Gil, 23, who previously cried while explaining someone shot her boyfriend, George Anthony Vela, in front of their home in July, has been charged with murder and aggravated assault," says a report. "Two other suspects, identified as Christopher Gutierrez, 19, and Zackary Franks, 19, are facing the same charges."

They were high school sweethearts. 

Yaya Gil and George Vela initially met in high school. They remained together for years, and have three children together.

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Yaya Gil gave the co-defendants details on where George Vela was, which led to her being charged with his murder. 

"But police now believe Gil played a role in setting up her boyfriend’s murder, Channel 2 reported. According to her warrant, Gil conspired with Gutierrez and Franks to have Vela killed, and updated the two of them on her family’s whereabouts that night." 

She's currently being held without bond

Yaya Gil and her co-defendants are currently being held without bond. The outlet reports that the news was devastating to George Vela's mother, who viewed the young couple as the loves of each other's lives. 

Why did she do it? 

"Police are still investigating the motive of the murder and are trying to determine who fired the shots in the incident Gil initially described as a burglary gone wrong. In the ensuing weeks, police launched an investigation that led them to Gil, Gutierrez, and Franks," said a report. They are being held at the Cobb County Adult Detention Center. They have not yet entered pleas. It is unclear if they have retained attorneys who can speak on their behalf."

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