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Canadian Woman Goes On Horrifying Racist Tirade Against Asian Driver Who Hit Her Car

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Who Is Carla Waldman? New Details On Woman Spewing Racist Tirade Against Asian Driver

When someone dings your car or parks poorly in the parking lot, it can make you roll your eyes, curse, or even scrawl a hastily written note about parking etiquette. However, some people take the direct approach and wait to speak with the driver themselves. Amy Xu is one of those people, and when she came back to her car to discover that another car had actually come into contact with hers in the parking lot she stopped to speak with the other driver. Who is Carla Waldman? She's the woman who did the bad parking and Amy Xu wasn't remotely prepared for the reaction she would have. 

1. Meet Carla Waldman 

Recently, Carla Waldman of British Columbia, a retiree, made headlines and not for a good reason. Carla admitted that she was the woman responsible for unleashing a horribly racist and outright cruel tirade at Amy Xu, a woman in a parking lot with her young child and her mother. Amy was able to capture most of the dispute on video and it's good that Carla owned up to her actions now because the evidence presented in the video is pretty damning. But a simple admission won't cut it and the CBC reports that Carla soon could face criminal charges. 

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2. Why Amy Xu Waited

Amy didn't intend on keeping this frightening and embarrassing experience to herself. After she shared the video of their encounter, reporters began reaching out and she was eager to share what exactly happened that day. According to her, Amy and her three-year-old daughter were taking Amy's mom to a doctor's appointment at an office located inside a shopping center. When they got back to their car, Amy noticed that the car parked behind her had gone way over the parking line and in fact, their vehicle was actually touching her car's bumper, so she waited to talk to the driver. 

3. The awful things said

According to Amy, as soon as the insults started being hurled her way, she knew she should record the encounter. The video, which quickly went viral after Amy posted it to the app WeChat, started with Carla dishing out insults as she retreats towards her own car. "We don't want you here because you can't drive," said Carla before blowing a raspberry at Amy.  When Amy explains that she parked over the line and touched her car, Carla continues to mock her before saying: "You don't know a damn thing. Go back to China where you belong, you f*cking a**hole," she said. She also referred to Amy, in front of her family as a "Chinky, chinky, China lady."

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4. Amy Xu's Reaction 

Amy thought she heard the worst Carla had to offer, but she was wrong. Carla had to get one last word in: "You know what? You give these people a bad name here. We hate you people. Go back where you belong. F*ck you, you f*cking c*nt," she said. Amy, for her part, said nothing to these insults. When asked why, she explained that she decided instead to focus on calming down her daughter, who was quite upset by the encounter. "My daughter was so frightened. The first thing for me to do was calm down my daughter, not argue with her... I'm still mad about this. My kid was there and this is a really bad example for her. She was frightened and can't sleep now."

5. Her Husband's Reaction

Shortly after she returned home, Amy shared the video with her husband, Fang Xu. He was even more outraged than his wife was by the shocking video of insults and xenophobia and he took things further than simply sharing the video: he made a formal complaint with the police the next morning, and now, they're investigating the claims. As of now, Carla remains completely unrepentant. When contacted she confirmed her identity but made it clear that she doesn't think she did anything wrong. "I do not regret anything I said to her because she was a very mean person. I don't care what they're calling me. I am not a racist person," she said to one reporter. 

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6. The Interesting Twist

Of course, she can say whatever she wants, but the internet tends to form its own opinion and the internet has decided that Carla is very much a racist. Her social media account was easy to find and people have taken over her page, calling her out for her bad behavior. In an ironic twist, that's not the only thing happening on her Facebook page. Apparently, she is vocal in her condemnation of Neo-Nazis and anti-Semitism. Isn't it fascinating how a person's true beliefs shine through in moments that of great stress? She might hate Nazis, but she's certainly not above turning hate on other races. 

7. Twitter responds

Specifically many Canadians, who condemned Waldman's behavior saying it's not reflective of their country as a whole.

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