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Summer Worden Accuses Astronaut Ex-Wife Of Hacking Her Bank Account From Space

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Who Is Summer Worden? New Details On Astronaut Anne McClain's Ex-Wife Whose

When astronaut Anne McClain dreamed about seeing her name in the papers, she probably had no idea it would turn out this way. Anne is making headlines, but not because she was the first to perform some serious space maneuver. Anne has been charged by her ex-wife with hacking and identity theft, charges which if proven would mran that Anne is the first person to commit a crime in space. Who is Summer Worden? Summer is the ex-wife in question and the charges she's bringing could change everything. 

1. Meet Summer Worden 

Summer Worden is accusing her soon-to-be ex-wife, Anne McClain, of committing a crime...FROM SPACE! If Summer's accusations are proven to be sound, this will be the first time a crime has been committed from space, or more specifically in this case, from the International Space Station. Summer claims that Anne spied on her personal bank account from space. She charges her with stealing her identity and hacking. Anne's lawyer, Rusty Hardin, makes it clear that Anne will be fighting the charges. “She strenuously denies that she did anything improper. She is totally cooperating," he told the New York Times

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2. The Battle For Briggs

For years now, Summer and Anne have been locked in a bitter custody battle as they go through the process of divorcing. Summer was a mother (through a surrogate and IVF) before she met Anne. Now, Anne is claiming that the bond she shares with Anne's son, Briggs, is that of a parent. “I protect my son with everything I have. That is my No. 1 priority, but I didn’t sense at that time that she was anybody that I needed to protect him against. I trusted her,” said Summer about Anne. Meanwhile, in 2018 Anne put in a request with the courts for shared parenting rights of Briggs. 

3. Summer Is No Angel 

Summer and Anne's relationship might not have always been as acrimonious as it is these days, but the path of their love didn't run smoothly during the best days either. In September of 2018, Summer was arrested in Travis County, Texas. The charges against her were dark ones: she was accused of assault on a family member causing bodily injury, and it was her own wife Anne who called the police to make the report. While Summer was never found guilty of these charges, that's not because she was found innocent either: the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence just this year. 

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4. But She's Got Brains, Too 

While Anne might be a successful astronaut, her former wife Summer has credentials that are equally impressive. She's served as an intelligence officer for the Air Force, and she's worked with the NSA. She even participated in a White House LGBTQ Tech 7 Innovation Summit back when Obama was still in charge of the administration. According to the website, Lesbians Who Tech, Summer's “broader intelligence work includes serving in Special Access Programs for nuclear security and terrorist finance tracking, where she collaborated with the Department of Treasury, International Monetary Fund, and various IC agencies.”

5. What Summer Does Now 

While she now works in real estate, Summer still has a toe in the world of intelligence and security, starting the firm Filly Intelligence LLC in 2012. On LinkedIn, she described it as "a private technology security firm that has been built upon the people, technologies, and best practices from the National Security Agency, Air Force Nuclear Security program, Defense Intelligence Agency, DARPA, and the U.S. Secret Service. We design and implement comprehensive security services to protect the operational, digital/IT/Cyber, and physical environments. We build a high level of security with a lower level of friction; our operational solutions strengthen national security and increase the economic business competitiveness of our clients. Filly Intel is a Woman-Owned and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).”

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6. The Future Of The Case 

Summer has said: "I am known for my integrity, straightforward approach to leadership and exceptional communication skills, honed through challenging roles in the U.S. Air Force and Intelligence Services. Whether it is understanding team and client feedback, determining competitive valuations for commercial acquisitions or structuring large sales, I have the experience, follow-through and persistence to get you the information you need to make smart decisions in a timely manner.” She's clearly a strong and intelligent woman, but who knows what bearing if any that will have on the case. 

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