Meet Tahzjuan Hawkins — New 'Bachelor In Paradise' Contestant Whose Sights Are Set On John Paul Jones

I hope she finds the Tahz-juan for her.

Who Is Tahzjuan Hawkins? New Details On New 'Bachelor In Paradise' Contestant Heating Things Up Instagram

We’re in the heart of the sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise. This week (the third week of the show) on episode six, lots goes down: Demi shares with her internal conflict with Chris, some cast members go home, and new ones come to take their place. One such hopeful contestant is Tahzjuan Hawkins, a 25-year-old Houston native with her eyes on John Paul Jones, who was last seen getting closer with Tayshia Adams.


Who is Tahzjuan Hawkins?

1. She’s from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor.

No worries if you don’t remember her — Underwood figured out pretty quickly that they were incompatible and she was sent home in the first week. Both she and Alex Dillon, who greeted Underwood in an iconic sloth costume, were eliminated on the first night.


2. She grew up in Houston but moved to Castle Pines, Colorado with her mom, brother and two dogs.

She graduated from the Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in organizational communication and is currently working towards earning her Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Colorado State University (her anticipated graduation date is 2020).

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3. She works for Lyft.

When she was on The Bachelor, she was a Business Development Associate for Lyft. It appears she’s since been promoted to Program Specialist. Go Hawkins!

4. She’s a signed model with the Denver-based Donna Baldwin Agency.

Kind of weird, but on their website, you can find all her bodily dimensions, from height to clothing size to shoe size to bust, waist, hips, all in precise inches. You can “book her” through the Donna Baldwin website. Good to know, I guess.


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5. She’s having a rough time in Mexico.

In case you didn’t know, Mexico in the summer is insanely hot. In People's exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s episode, Hawkins shared that she wasn’t adjusting all that well, neither physically nor emotionally. “It’s so hot,” she says in the footage. “It’s going to do my head in.” She added, ““I’m over this s—, it’s f—ing hot,” she continues, chugging Gatorade. “I don’t even think I could put eyeliner on right now. I don’t know how to brush my hair anymore. If I pass out, don’t let me go. I can still be alive.”

6. She has her sights set on John Paul Jones.

He’s the guy from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette who tried to woo Tayshia Adams with words of Shakespeare. Both Hawkins and Haley Ferguson (from Bachelor Ben Higgins’ season) ask John Paul Jones on dates. This should be good.


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