Woman Accuses Jeffrey Epstein Of Using Her As Sex Slave And Forcing Her To Marry One Of His Recruiters

It isn't her real name.

Who Is Katlyn Doe? New Details On Woman Accusing Jeffrey Epstein Of Using Her As Sex Slave And Forcing Her To Marry One Of His Recruiters Instagram

It just keeps geting worse. A woman, who is being referred to as "Katlyn Doe," has filed a lawsuit against the estate of the late Jeffrey Epstein alleging that he used her as a sex slave and forced her to marry a woman who was a suspected recruiter in his child sex ring. According the the lawsuit, Epstein met the victim in 2007 when she was 17. She alleges she was with Epstein for nearly a decade and traveled around the world with him as his sex slave. Who is Katlyn Doe?


1. She had an eating disorder

Katlyn had an eating disorder and other medical issues when she was 17. According to the legal documents, it was her eating disorder that attracted Epstein to her. He offered to cover the medical costs associated with her eating disorder and another unspecified series medical condition, according to the New York Post.


2. He promised to "cure" her

According to the lawsuit, Katlyn's family brought her to Epstein's office to "meet and discuss treatment options for the Plaintiff. Epstein promised to cure her of her eating disorder and to pay for the surgeries she would need for a medical condition she had. This implied generosity made Katlyn feel indebted to Epstein. He then groomed by giving her gifts such as "free haircuts and beauty treatments."

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3. She was with him for almost a decade

Katlyn Doe spent almost a decade working for Epstein. Her primary function was to cater to his sexual desires. He took her virginity. The court documents say that she was "pressured, manipulated, intimidated and forced" into having sex with Epstein and others in his circle.

4. Sham marriage

Six years into her employment with Epstein, Doe alleged that he forced her to marry one of his female recruiters. The woman was not a U.S. citizen and the purpose of the marriage was so that the recruiter could "remain in the country to work for him." He offered to pay for a $20,000 surgery she needed as long as she married the recruiter and went along with his plans. However, Katlyn alleges that Epstein only paid her $10,000 and strung her along for years. The suit states: “Jeffrey Epstein continued to use the still-owed $10,000 as a cudgel to cause plaintiff to continue to engage in commercial sex acts, knowing that if she did not do so he would never pay the shortfall." Epstein put Katlyn and her wife up in one of the Manhattan apartment buildings he owned. 


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5. She was forced to have sex when he was on work release from prison

Katlyn's lawsuit claims that Epstein continued to force her to have sex while he was on work release as part of the very controverisal plea deal he negotiated with Florida prosecutors in 2008. He flew Katlyn from New York to Florida and told her he was going to get her a job at the Florida Science Foundation. Instead, he foced her to have sex with him and another female. 

6. He grew bored of her when she was 25

At 25, Epstein told Katlyn she was "too old" for him. He kicked her out of the apartment. Katlyn divorced the woman she was married to in 2017. He refused to pay the $10,000 she claims he owes her. Katlyn Doe is one of three women to file lawsuits against Jeffrey Epstein on the day after his will was filed in St. Thomas.


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