Cipriani Head Chef Andrea Zamperoni Found Dead In A Hostel — Here's What We Know

Rest in peace, Andrea Zamperoni.

Who Is Andrea Zamperoni? New Details On The Head Chef Of Cipriani Who Was Found Dead In A Hostel Instagram

He was recently reported missing, and just two days later, he was found dead in a seedy hostel — a tragic end to a once-prominent chef. Who is Andrea Zamperoni?

Here's what we know about the rise — and unfortunate fall — of this once-prominent chef. 


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1. He was only 33 years old when he died. 

According to People Magazine, Andrea Zamperoni was only 33 years old when he died. He'd been working as the head chef of Cipriani Dolce when he passed away, so he was well on his way in his career. 

2. Andrea Zamperoni was a beloved worker at Cipriani Dolce.

"Andrea was a responsible, good-hearted, kind and very hard-working individual who will be deeply missed by all of us. His brother is overcome with grief and regrets he will not be available to provide any comments," said Stefania Girombelli, a spokeswoman for the restaurant, in a statement to CNN.


3. The hostel he was found in has a bit of a seedy reputation. 

According to Newser, Andrea Zamperoni's body was found in the Kamway Lodge in Queens, NY, which is one of the five boroughs of New York City. The outlet reports that the hostel had trouble, in the past, with drugs and prostitution. 

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4. Andrea Zamperoni was a native of Italy. 

According to KCCI, Andrea Zamperoni was a native of Italy. He, in fact, still had Italian citizenship. He'd worked at Cipriani Dolce, at the Grand Central location, for a little over a year. Prior to that, he worked at the Cipriani location in London, England. 

5. His twin brother is a chef, too. 

According to, Andrea Zamperoni had a twin brother, who is also a chef. While he was single and didn't have any children of his own, the outlet reports that he was close to his mother and his brother. 


6. Andrea Zamperoni's death is being investigated as "suspicious."

According to Radar Online, the cause of Andrea Zamperoni's death has not yet been revealed. However, the death is currently being investigated as "suspicious." 


Our thoughts are with Andrea Zamperoni's family and friends during this difficult time.

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