Chuck Woolery Went From Prolific Game Show Host To Hot Mess — Find Out Why He Went Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Racism has nothing to do with...race?

Chuck Woolery Went From Prolific Game Show Host To Hot Mess — Find Out Why He Went Viral For All The Wrong Reasons Getty

He was once one of the most popular game show hosts in history. (Ask your grandma about Love Connection sometime.) But now, he's become nothing short of a hot mess, and his recent tweet about racism went viral for all the wrong reasons. Who is Chuck Woolery, and what in the world went wrong with your Memaw's favorite game show host?

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Let's look at what we know about this former legend. 


1. He became a viral sensation after making a rather bone-headed comment about racism. 

"Racism has nothing to do with race," he said on Twitter, causing him to become a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons. According to the Huffington Post, Woolery was literally roasted alive by people who pointed out that "racism," by its very definition, has everything to do with race, contrary to his assessment. 


2. But Chuck Woolery first became famous as the host of Wheel of Fortune

When Wheel of Fortune first went on the air in 1975, it featured Chuck Woolery as the host. He would remain in that position for seven years. In 1981, Pat Sajak took over as the host, and he's been the host of the show ever since. Chuck Woolery is reportedly very bitter about the fact that Pat Sajak took over from him, and it's evident by this video showing the "transition" from Woolery to Sajak at the time. 

3. But he's best known as the host of Love Connection

According to Chuck Woolery's IMDB page, he became the host of Love Connection shortly after Pat Sajak took over Woolery's hosting duties on Wheel of Fortune. He remained the host of Love Connection until 1994, during which time he hosted more than 2,000 episodes of the most popular dating show in television history. (You'd think he'd be happy...and you'd be wrong!)

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4. Did you know that Chuck Woolery used to be a musician?

Yep. He used to be the lead singer of a band called The Avant-Garde. And there's video proof of this hot mess. Here he is singing with the American national treasure known as Dolly Parton. Enjoy!


5. He once took to Twitter to talk about the number of vasectomies he'd had. (3 vasectomies, 2 reversals, in case you're wondering.)

"Woolery brought up this particular personal choice as part of a typically Woolery-headed take on abortion rights — arguing, we guess, that abortion helps women not to give birth to babies, which…okay? But it’s just such a weirdly specific brag that we can’t help but fixate on it. (Certainly, it’s going to make our next rewatch of Greed feel a little weird, as we glumly consider the current state of Woolery’s pipes with each new episode.) Vasectomies (and their reversals) are, of course, completely normal, and not something to be stigmatized. But that doesn’t make Woolery’s call to “Match that”— maybe for charity, possibly — any less bizarre," reports The A.V. Club

6. Today, Chuck Woolery hosts a podcast called "Blunt Force Truth." 

And yes, it's just as bad as it sounds. On the Blunt Force Truth podcast — which he co-hosts with Mark Young — he talks about being that "rare unicorn" known as a conservative in the entertainment industry. 

Okay, Chuck. Whatever you say, hun. 


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