Did The Debra Messing/Megan Mullally Feud Cause 'Will And Grace' To Get Cancelled?

It's nasty!

Did The Debra Messing/Megan Mullally Feud Cause 'Will And Grace' To Get Cancelled? Instagram

Debra Messing and Megan Mullally are reportedly feuding so badlly that it put the final nail in the coffin on the reboot of Will & Grace. Apparently they two actresses cannot stand each other and the tension between them has made the set a very bad place to be. Will & Grace ran on NBC from 1998 to 2006. The reboot launched in 2017. Next season will be its last. So what's going on with this Debra Messing/Megan Mullally feud?


1. They've never liked each other

Radar reported that Debra, 51, and Megan, 60 tolerated each other when ratings on the show were good. Once ratings started declining, so did their relationship. An insider said the two just grate on each other's nerves. “Megan makes fun of Debra’s airs and is a favorite with the cast and crew. She’s won two Emmys and Debra is jealous of her success and popularity.”


2. Passive aggressive social media posts

The public caught wind of their feud when Megan took to her Insta to post: “One of the best feelings is finally losing your attachment to somebody who isn’t good for you!” YIKES. Megan later deleted that post. Then, Debra tagged all of the cast of Will & Grace except Megan in a post supporting Emmy nominations for the show. Finally, they both unfriended each other. 

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3. Debra tried to squash the rumors of the feud

Debra Messing shared a photo on Instagram of her with Eric McCormack and Sean Hayes and tagged them. She did think that the absence of Megan might tip some fans off to their drama, so she captioned the shot: "I love them so much. @seanhayes @eric_mccormack (Megan wasn't in the scene)." Fans didnt buy it and called shenanigans on the effort. 

4. No birthday love

Debra Messing turned 51 on Thursday, August 15th. Not only did Megan Mullally not wish her castmate a Happy Birthday on social media, the only one who did was Eric McCormack. 


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5. The conspiracy theory

Fans noticed when Debra and Megan unfollowed each other on social media and that led to a conspiracy theory that the real reason the next season of Will & Grace is the last is because the two leading ladies can't stand each other. In other words, the cancellation is personal and not professional. 

6. The most ridiculous rumor of them all

According to one source, the reason for the ire between the two women is related to their weights. Megan has lost weight since the original show aired. Debra has gained weight and is jealous. It has to be noted that Debra Messing is still a very thin woman, making this rumor the most ridiculous of them all. 


7. Megan took a leave of absence

As Radar reports, Megan took a leave of absence from the final season of Will & Grace — and the rumors around 'why' point to the feud between the co-stars. While nothing's been confirmed, Mullally missed two of the 18 episodes and she exited around the time she and Messing stopped following each other on Instagram.

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