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Meet Artist Lana Gomez — Comedian Sebastian Maniscalo's Wife And (Occasional) Target Of His Jokes

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Who Is Sebastian Maniscalo Wife? New Details On Artist Lana Gomez And Their Marriage

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalo is set to host the 2019 MTV VMAs, so we can expect some of his signature complaining comedy to be featured. He's also got a brand new Netflix speacial Stay Hungry, in which he airs his grievances about everything from being intimidated at the gym to car repairs. One of his favorite things to complain (teasingly, in a friendly way) about is his wife Lana Gomez. The differences in their Italian and Jewish upbringings is a frequent target of his humor. Who is Sebastian Maniscalo's wife?

1. She's from Florida

Lana Gomez grew up in Naples, Florida. She was raised Jewish by her parents Simone and Barry Gomez. She was born September 6, 1983. 

2. She's an artist

Besides having the patience of a saint for putting up with her husband's jokes about her, Lana Gomez is a painter and sculptor. She studied art at the University of Tennessee and graduated in 2007. After college, she moved to Los Angeles. Her work has been shown in several art galleries and appeared in InStyle, The New Yorker and House Beautiful. 


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3. She and Sebastian met at the gym

Lana met Sebastian at the gym — they both trained with the same personal trainer. Sebastian asked his trainer if he trained any good-looking girls and if he could train with one of them. He asked her out while she was on the treadmill. She turned him down. They got married in August 2013. 

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4. She just had a baby

Lana Gomez is mom to Serafina Simone, born in May 2017. On June 15, Gomez gave birth to Caruso Jack, her second child and first son with Maniscalo. 


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5. She worked with Kelly Wearstler

Lana worked for the famous interior designer Kelly Wearstler from 2008 to 2009. She also collaborated with Wearstler when decorating the home she and Sebastian own in West Hollywood, California. Lana also worked with artist Shepard Fairey to create 10-foot tall sculptures of guitars that are displayed on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood in front of The Guitar Center store.

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6. Her daughter's name

Serafina Simone was born in 2017. Maniscalco explained his daughter's name on Instagram. "We are so excited to introduce the newest member of our family - Serafina Simone Maniscalco! Serafina was my grandmother's name, Simone is Lana's mom, and Serafina Simone is our baby girl!" 

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