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'Revenge Body's' New Trainer Autumn Calabrese Is Here To Whip You Into Shape With Her 80 Day Obsession

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Who Is Autumn Calabrese? New Details On The Revenge Body Trainer Who Says Working Out Is Therapy

For fans of the E! show Revenge Body, the heart of the show are the men and women who work with the clients each week as their personal trainers. Most of these trainers do a whole lot more than talk someone through a series of reps on the dumbbells. Many of these trainers very often act as a sort of combination between a drill sergeant, a priest, and a therapist. That's why the addition of a new trainer to this season is so exciting, we get to meet someone new! So, who is Autumn Calabrese? She's a woman who believes that fitness is therapy and she's the doctor and office hours start NOW! 

1. Meet Autumn Calabrese 

A new season of E!'s "Revenge Body" is coming, and with it comes a new trainer. Her name is Autumn Calabrese, and while she might be new to the show, the trainer and self-proclaimed fitness guru was born ready for a job like this one and if that wasn't enough, she's also been a personal trainer for the past 15 years! “I always call myself a therapist and a trainer. We’re gonna work through some stuff, we’re not just working out," she said. Here's where I add that while exercise is awesome for your body and mind, being a certified trainer doesn't make you qualified to work as a therapist. Straight up real talk, and important to remember I think. 

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2. What's Revenge Body?

To help catch you up if you don't know what I'm nattering on about, Revenge Body is a show hosted by  Khloé Kardashian, where the contestants get celeb-worthy access to things like trainers and dieticians to help them get on track and motivate them to get their life back in control after going through a tough breakup or another tough milestone in life. For many people, negativity is the thing that can sabotage their attempts to get fit or to change other aspects of their lifestyle. Autumn is about positivity. “The trainers, myself and Khloé turn that pretty quick. It is no longer is about [that], it’s about you," she said.

3. Autumn's Beliefs About Diet

“They’re not just working through, ‘Okay, I need to not eat pizza and I need to eat kale,’ but they’re really working through emotional things. A lot of times when you have a significant amount of weight to lose, it’s attached to something more than just, ‘I enjoy chips and cookies,’ there’s a little bit more emotion behind that, so we have to work through all of that to make sure it’s not short-term success but long-term success," says Autumn about her process. As a fat person, here's where I add that fat isn't something that is bad or shameful or even connected to deep, dark underlying issues. Sometimes, sorry Autumn, it really is just that you enjoy chips and cookies. 

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4. Working On The Show

Autumn started her own life as a trainer and general fitness expert when she had to end her dance career suddenly after an injury ended her plans for the future. She was excited to work on the popular E! show because she appreciated that it was focused on positivity and self-confidence. But, she was quick to admit that when it came to working with her client on the show, Terra, things weren't always easy. " I do believe in tough love [but] I’m not a trainer who yells at people. We definitely had our moments, but I’m super proud of how she did and I’m excited for the episode to air.”

5. Autumn's Secret Sauce

Terra and Autumn actually had some common ground between them, they are both mothers from Ohio! In order to get the revenge body of her dreams (kill me), Terra followed a specific plan designed by Autumn called “80 Day Obsession,” a strength-cardio program that gradually builds in intensity. Autumn is no slouch when it comes to her methods. The fitness expert has worked with the likes of celebs such as Brooke Burke and the infamous Rachel Zoe! She's a huge advocate for meal prepping and of course, has her own trademarked eating plan that I'm not going to name because I already linked you to "80 Day Obsession" and there's only so much lifestyle change I can take in a day. 

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6. Autumn's Passion For Food

For Autumn, food is at the core of change when it comes to lifestyle. “You cannot out-train a bad diet, so without the nutrition, the success is going to be so much slower if at all. You can put in a workout and go eat one meal and can completely outdo it. It’s empowering to say, ‘I know I can have it, I’m choosing not to because it doesn’t serve my goal,' Every time you make that choice, it almost like reinforces it and makes it that much stronger because you’re like, ‘Yeah, I didn’t do it, and I’m not going to do it again’ and then you see the number on the scale going down, you see your body changing and you see your clothes fitting differently and you’re like, ‘Oh, my good choices are working!’ So it all falls into place if you give it time,” she said. In other news, I just ate a Twix. 

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